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Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin May 23, 2019

5 Jira tips of the day for Jira users to boost productivity

Jira is one of the most powerful of Atlassian tools. Still many Jira users spend much time on some routine tasks using Jira. As the goal of this tool is to ease the management of the projects and your work at all, here are 5 Jira tips that will help you become more productive.

Maria Dorogokupez Posted by Maria Dorogokupez Apr 15, 2019

Atlassian Summit 2019 – what happens in Vegas, NOT stays in Vegas

While everyone is admiring the first ever pic of the black hole took by the Event Horizon Telescope, Atlassian Summit 2019 passed in Las Vegas, and there are lots of news! You’ve heard that all happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but not the news about Atlassian.

Maria Dorogokupez Posted by Maria Dorogokupez Apr 9, 2019

What to do in Las Vegas in April? Enjoy Bellagio fountains, go to the best restaurants and performances, or visit Atlassian Summit

There only left a few hours before the start of one of the world’s largest Atlassian events – Atlassian Summit 2019. So why it is so expected and what interesting will be there? 

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Mar 7, 2019

Top 6 addons for improving the UX and UI of Confluence interface

Improving standard Confluence interface by using add ons and themes We’ve been working with Confluence for a long time, and we have already tried different add-ons, as well as apps for look and feel (Confluence user interface) improving. We chose 6 apps like that from the Atlassian market and analyzed their price, special features and settings, and design, of course.

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Feb 19, 2019

ITIL 4. What changed and improved?

ITIL is now leading digital resource actively used by many organizations. Everyone working with IT can get benefits from using ITIL frameworks. Recently there was an announcement of ITIL 4, which has inspiring changes that can provide users with complete improvement of IT management services.

Maria Dorogokupez Posted by Maria Dorogokupez Feb 12, 2019


The End User License Agreement pertains to all App you or the entity or company that you represent have chosen to downloading, installing or using from Atlassian Marketplace if you accept all the terms therein.

Maria Dorogokupez Posted by Maria Dorogokupez Jan 24, 2019

Data Security and Privacy Statement for our Atlassian add-ons Server edition

This statement relates to Atlassian add-on for JIRA\Confluence Server only. We store the following data: All information is stored in the database management system that you have configured JIRA\Confluence Server to use. Atlassian add-on for JIRA\Confluence Server doesn`t exfiltrate any of your data from the machine that hosts JIRA\Confluence Server.

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Dec 11, 2018

Agile in a Big Company – is it possible?

How to adapt to fast-changing economy and new business challenges on an everyday basis? This question is especially acute and painful for big companies. Detecting a new trend, a change of the wind, a shift in the micro- and macroeconomic state is a hard but realistic task, and can be performed with equal success by analysts from companies of every scale. Yet when it comes to implementation, small and middle businesses have a significant advantage – they are more flexible and responsive to change simply for having smaller number of facilities and employees. A corporation, in its turn, have always…

Maria Dorogokupez Posted by Maria Dorogokupez Nov 27, 2018

What is Advanced JIRA Workflow Configuration

We’ve already discussed all the merits and possibilities of JIRA as a workflow management tool and even touched upon the basic notions of JIRA workflows in this article. Yet being an Atlassian Solutions Partner, we usually perform custom and therefore more sophisticated workflow configurations, the ones that can’t be done by efforts of a system administrator. So this article is dedicated to advanced JIRA workflow configuration, its aspects and peculiarities, and how Polontech team dealt with them using a number of cases as an example. As you might already know, JIRA has a number of built-in workflows that can provide…

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Nov 7, 2018

How to Create Corporate Information Security System

Recommended check-list for IT manager of a large company: Create infosecurity program. Nowadays companies struggling with information security threads have a clear understanding of how 1) valuable information can be and 2) how hard it is to protect, especially in light of recent security breaches into such corporations as Apple, Facebook and Reddit, this might seem as nearly impossible. So some CEOs give up, which they shouldn’t at no circumstances. Infosecurity is just a challenge of modern environment, not an unsolvable puzzle. Standard ISO/IEC 27001 are considered exhaustible guidelines on goals and objectives as well as roles allocation and elements…