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How to do ITSM (ITIL) Transformation for a non-IT company. Case: Globaltechexport Ltd., an engineering company

The talks about applying ITSM guidelines in non-IT businesses begun a long ago. Throughout those years ITSM evangelists and pioneers of ITSM-outside-IT have discussed the process and capabilities of such migration, almost unanimously endorsing it as a great effectivity booster and costs-cutter. Still ITSM and ITIL haven’t become common for the non-IT sphere. According to Atlassian statistics, only a quarter of all organizations have adopted some kind of ITIL framework and half of them all have never considered applying ITSM in their workplace. As  I see it, sometimes companies think ITSM “Service Management is for IT only. Full stop” and…


A Hunt for Request Notification Jira add ons

Recently one of Polontech’s long-term customers asked our team to configure a custom notification scheme for the solution we developed for him earlier. No default notification solution in JIRA was suitable for this task, so we studied the selection of plugins for notification and not just that at Atlassian Marketplace. The most powerful solution we found was the specialized «Email This Issue» Jira plugin that has both Cloud and Server versions. The advantages of the plugin are responsive support service, constant upgrades and good documentation. What Email This Issue stands out for among other plugins with is how wide its…


Customer-oriented JIRA for Konvertus Publishing House

Company: Konvertus Background: Konvertus is a flourishing publishing house. They wanted to improve user and especially author experience by allowing customers to track the path of their writings from editorship to a printed version. Solution: Konvertus has been using JIRA for running processes for quite a long time, so basically, what they required was an another JIRA with a limited capabilities for users. First of all, we conducted a complete backup of their main JIRA with all the attachments, books in PDF format, icons and pictures and gathered it all in one archive. Then we created a cloud server on Amazon…


Service Desk Operation Support for the Dr. Computer

Client: Dr. Computer Company Background: Dr. Computer is a growing IT-company that started experiencing customer fulfillment level issues due to the sub-par Service Desk. They needed a well-thought and sophisticated customer support system. Solution: Having studied Dr. Computer’s working environment, we concluded that the problem lied in the insufficient service desk operations support (or Request Fulfillment ITIL process). Our experts came up with a totally new Service Desk concept, taking a renowned Eisenhower matrix as a basis. We also changed their previous service desk tool for JIRA Service Desk, which was a perfect choice for the realization of our vision….


Migration from Kayako to JIRA for GEC Computer Systems

Company GEC Computer Systems had been working in Kayako for many years, but recently realized they needed a more flexible and scalable instrument for their Service Desk, so they decided to migrate to JIRA.


JIRA Service Desk Onboarding for Sellox: use case

A security and access control company from the Netherlands faced the challenge of finding an optimal solution for customer service desk. Polontech came to help and uncovered excellent functionality of JIRA Service Desk. Polontech is an ITSM expert, so Sellox management naturally turned to us for help. Our experts immediately responded to the request of the company and promptly provided the optimal Service Desk solution.


Bridge Systems BV Case: Better IT Management with Atlassian Tools

See how Bridgemate Solutions got to improve their project and product management by implementing Agile methodologies and automating their workflow with Atlassian tools.

point solutions

Fast and effective Service Desk solution that helps to increase customers loyalty

Point Solutions has managed to develop a mature Service Desk process in less than a week, helping to raise the quality of customer services and allocating the support loads among its agents.

eda tech

Custom Time-Tracking plugin for Edatech

Polontech developed a time tracking online system that allowed Eda Technologies increase efficiency and productivity of their team. The system extended the capabilities of Atlassian JIRA by offering a range of extra features such as intellectual analysis and reports automation.


Сreating Help Desk Platform for Smart Parts UK

Smart Parts UK needed to support their growing b2c business by developing a simple Help Desk platform. Polontech helped to create an effective ITIL-based solution that allows company's agents react immediately to customer requests, thus improving client service.