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Client: Dr. Computer Company

Background: Dr. Computer is a growing IT-company that started experiencing customer fulfillment level issues due to the sub-par Service Desk. They needed a well-thought and sophisticated customer support system.

Solution: Having studied Dr. Computer’s working environment, we concluded that the problem lied in the insufficient service desk operations support (or Request Fulfillment ITIL process). Our experts came up with a totally new Service Desk concept, taking a renowned Eisenhower matrix as a basis. We also changed their previous service desk tool for JIRA Service Desk, which was a perfect choice for the realization of our vision. From now on a client, submitting a ticket, shall fill 3 additional fields: category, priority and urgency. This way a service desk agent gets a clear understanding of not only the essence of an incident, but of incident’s context as well. With this data in mind, the support team can effectively organize their work and control the amount of time and human resources needed for a certain task.

Benefits: the most obvious advantage of our transformation was the steady increase in customer satisfaction level. What is more, support team work is now rationally organized, allowing the agents to spend as much time and energy on a ticket as needed.

Customer review: “Polontech had a very creative approach to our problem, which pleasantly surprised us. At the same time they are real at Atlassian tools stack experts and have great theoretical knowledge and practical experience of working with them. We’re happy that we chose professionals”.

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