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Jira Notifications: Best Notification Jira Add Ons

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Maria Dorogokupez
Posted by Maria Dorogokupez
September 18, 2018

Recently one of Polontech’s long-term customers asked our team to configure a custom notification scheme for the solution we developed for him earlier.

Jira Notifications-img-1

No default notification solution in JIRA notification was suitable for this task, so we studied the selection of plugins for notification and not just that at Atlassian Marketplace.

Jira Notifications Plugin

The most powerful solution we found was the specialized «Email This Issue» Jira plugin that has both Cloud and Server versions. The advantages of the plugin are responsive support service, constant upgrades and good documentation.

What Email This Issue stands out for among other plugins with is how wide its functionality is. It allows you to:

1)Create templates for automatic drawing up of a text containing any data from the ticket. It can be written either in HTML or in simple text.

Jira Notifications-img-2

2) Create a custom notification scheme that consists of events associated with JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk and conditions for sending notifications.

Jira Notifications-img-3

3) Create an event listener that will send a template notification when an event occurs.

Jira Notifications-img-4

4) Manually send messages directly from the ticket with the help of templates

Jira Notifications-img-5

5) Configure patterns for your inbox so that each new letter in JIRA will automatically be transformed into a ticket for a corresponding project. You can customize what ticket fields should be filled (sender, letter subject and body). There’s also a kind of cache for mail attachments. For instance, if you’re constantly sent letters with a huge banner ad, you can add it to cache and it won’t be loaded together with the letter.

Jira Notifications-img-6

6) Sending messages through postfunction.

«Notification Assistant for Jira»

The next in our list is «Notification Assistant for Jira»  plugin. We found it a little less powerful, but still highly competitive. Though it works with solely incoming mail, it has benefits of its own:

1)Create your own custom notification templates, or use the default ones if you’re not sure in your HTML skills.

2) Highly configurable notifications for both standard and scheduled JIRA events

Jira Notifications-img-7

3) Send REST API requests together with the letter

Jira Notifications-img-8

4) HipChat integration

5) Send messages with the help of post function

Non-Specialized Jira Notification Plugins

We also tested notification functionality of non-specialized plugins, and the first one of that kind to catch our eye was “Automation for Jira” . It works according to a simple rule Trigger -> Condition -> Action. According to plugin description, it has every trigger and condition a JIRA user might need. But we were interested in notification function in particular.

Jira Notifications-img-9

As you see from the picture, this plugin can inform you about an important letter via e-mail, HipChat, Slack, Stride, Twilio, and send a custom web-hook.

Unfortunately, you can’t create templates in this plugin, so you’ll have to copy the HTML of a letter each time. All in all, this plugin can offer nothing out of the ordinary.

Jira Notifications-img-10

And obviously, we couldn’t but pay our attention to the most functional Jira plugin of them all «ScriptRunner for Jira». There are two ways to set notifications in it: either by an event listener or by a post function; one way or another there’s one single form to fill.

Jira Notifications-img-11

And for those of you who have loads of free time – you can always take it to the next level and develop intricate letter sending patterns. As for us, we see no point in reinventing the wheel when there’s already a solution, and a very good one.

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