Migration from Kayako to JIRA for GEC Computer Systems

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Migration from Kayako to JIRA for GEC Computer Systems

Client: GEC Computer Systems

Background: Company GEC Computer Systems had been working in Kayako for many years, but recently realized they needed a more flexible and scalable instrument for their Service Desk, so they decided to migrate to JIRA.

Challenge: To migrate a huge database – 250 tables with data in CSV format and more than 100.000 tickets – from Kayako to JIRA. This case had no standard solution, for JIRA and Kayako migration don’t have the interface for migration to each other.

Solution: Before we began our work, the customer gave our specialists a list of rigid requirements on how their new JIRA Service Desk should look and what data it should contain: comments, descriptions and so on.  At first Polontech specialists team organized customer’s data and added the missing information. Then it took us some time to arrange and format the data, and that’s where the main challenge lied. At times we even had to do it manually, but mainly the process of filtering and merging the data into the tables was automated. Afterwards the data needed to be converted from Excel to CSV data format in order to be uploaded into JIRA.

Benefits: The process of migration from Kayako to JIRA Service Desk took approximately a week to be completed, so in 7 days GEC Computer Systems got a more advanced and functional Service Desk infrastructure that had a positive effect on corporate productivity. 

Customer review: “Thanks to Polontech expert help all the necessary information from our database was carefully and securely transferred into JIRA, and the migration went to smooth thatwe haven’t noticed the process itself and didn’t experience any troubles”.

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