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Optimize ITSM processes using Jira and Confluence

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Aleks Yenin
Posted by Aleks Yenin
October 12, 2022
Optimize ITSM processes Jira and Confluence

Every company aims to release unique and useful products or services in its niche. It’s important to be able to meet and advance competition and always be on the go to succeed. Still, not all companies survive critical moments for markets, like financial crisises and sales market shocks, unexpected 2020 lockdown, abrupt breaks in supply chains etc. Optimize ITSM processes in a company means building stable bridges of communication between different insular departments – IT on one side and customers or company emplyees on the other side to solve all problems they report effectively and in timely manner.

That’s how crucially important it is to competently plan the company’s infrastructure and optimize business communication. It makes the company prepared

  • to react fast in unexpected situations 
  • to survive during turbulent economic environment streaks
  • to be agile and adaptable. In harsh conditions the vital importance is timely reaction and adaptability
  • to organize unstoppable market analysis, product production and release, using available resources at 100% and minimizing costs.

What is ITSM?

This is not just another framework, but a complete system for managing IT processes in a company: managing projects, tasks, resources, changes, knowledge, documents, etc. All the best practices for managing IT processes are thoroughly collected in the ITIL library. Initially, the ITSM practices were applied only in technical departments, now they can be applied successfully at any department and any team. With the right tools and practices, you can optimize business management of any size: banks, universities, service companies, retail, goods manufacturing, and even large industrial and logistics companies.

What are Jira and Confluence for?

Optimize ITSM processes Jira and Confluence

ITSM is an established system that is easy to implement with Atlassian tools.

Jira Service Management (former Jira Service Desk) is required to ensure the interaction of employees with the company’s customers through a ticket system, a call center, and an IT service request portal. It’s a great toll for good quality and easy ITSM.

In Jira Software, you can plan and track all phases of a project, and link tickets from Jira Service Management to integrate user feedback into the development process.

Confluence is needed to create a knowledge base and a customizable portal where customers can find answers to their questions without having to go to IT professionals. The knowledge base helps you deal with incidents faster and prevent problems.

Needless to say, a magic one-size-fits-all solution for all companies just doesn’t exist. Fortunately, all Atlassian tools are flexible and easily customizable with a large number of available plugins and add-ons or integrations with other software.

Using this coherent combo, most of the requests and issues can be solved without specialist’s help, and due to effectively optimized workflows, even a small team can handle a large number of issues.

How to optimize ITSM processes and create request and project management system from scratch in a week

If you still suspect that ITSM tools are for IT only, we can assure you that it’s not quite so. The value to the company is brought by effective communication and interaction of all its inner and outer participants.

All processes in the majority of cases both in IT and non-IT can be devided into basic ones

  • Maintaining the existing process (eg. changing documentation for incoming shipments)
  • Deviation from your process (eg. managing incidents of any sort, sick leaves, critical situations in IT infrastructure)
  • Altering the capacity of existing process (eg. vacancy, new hire, finding alternative supplier)

and then managed with the same ITSM tools we use in IT.

Here’s an example of successfull Optimizing ITSM processes for a non IT company.

Globaltechexport LLC is a large company specializing in building, supplying technical equipment and the construction of oil and gas facilities on turnkey basis. To keep and advance its position in the market, the company decided to implement an automated system for communicating with external clients.

The system should register and manage incoming customer requests, track all stages of project work, and provide access to technical information at the request of the customer through the search bar.

What we did to optimize ITSM processes:

  • We developed a complex infrastructure to manage requests fast and easy based on Jira and Confluence;
  • Customized the tools according to the company’s requirements using Project Attributes plugin (to add all the project’s features and organize them into different categories), Project WBS (to divide work into short iterations using Gantt charts) and Tempo Timesheets (to track employees’ working time).

As a result, every step of a company’s workflow is planned and tracked in Jira, and all the requirements, standards, and technical specifications required for engineering work are collected in a single source of truth in Confluence, making the work much easier.

It’s essential to ensure your business efficiency with well-organized  IT infrastructure, hardware and software for it to be running smoothly and adapt to changes.

Our experts optimize ITSM processes for both IT and non IT and have a proper experince. As a first step, they carefully analyze the current infrastructure, processes and stakeholders’ expectations. Based on requirements we offer the most suitable and easy solution to match all business needs and save total costs on both products, licenses and what’s very important – descrease excessive tools used. We advise on possible solutions to every problem even if they are different from initial request and in close guidance from us you choose what best suits company’s needs. Any required steps to your new Service Management will be covered.

Start your business process evolution today for immediately visible growth. Request your business process audit free of any charge, no obligations and receive an actionable plan that you can implement on your own even with the tools you are already using. 

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