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Digital transformation of your business: a trend or a necessity?

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Anastasia Sarana
Posted by Anastasia Sarana
September 17, 2021

Digital transformation is a trend that is being followed by more and more enterprises for various reasons: rational resources allocation, improving the quality of customer service, or faster achieving business goals. Some companies go faster through all digitalization process, and for some it’s essential to go deeper into the process.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation means integration of latest technologies into the company’s business processes to improve the level of customer service, automate simple processes and make the working process more transparent. 

Many banks, retail and telecom companies were among the first to integrate the technologies to improve customer service and to establish a continuous dialogue with customers and personalize service. But digitalization is relevant for businesses from any industry if you choose the right software and customize it according to the needs of the company.

Digitalization of the entire business implies a long-term strategy and the gradual introduction of the best ITSM / ITIL practices and Agile frameworks at all levels of the enterprise.

We have been working with Atlassian products for more than 10 years, and we help companies use all the advantages of Agile/ITSM in the long term. In addition, Jira and Confluence have several hosting options: Cloud and Data Center. From February 2, 2021, server licenses are no longer sold, but they continue to be supported until 2024. We have already told you in the blog which hosting option is better to choose, and what to do if you currently have a server version of Jira.

Jira Service Desk for improving customer service

The service desk is a powerful tool for solving customer requests, both external and internal. Jira Service Desk is one of the Jira products just right for managing incidents and customer requests.

With Jira, customers can create a request on the site themselves, as well as follow the stages of its processing: when a ticket is created, it contains all the information about the issue, the date of creation, and who is responsible for it.

Both your company’s customers (for example, if you have automated customer support service in this way) and employees can make requests and create new tickets. Jira Service Desk helps to bring clarity and transparency to the incident management process itself: legal issues, data leaks, hardware repairs, onboarding of new employees  – all this can be monitored and resolved through Jira Service Desk.

Jira Software or Jira Core for project management

These are two more Jira products that will help you better track the working progress in any team and make it more efficient.

Jira Software helps to optimize the work of an entire department by breaking common projects (epics) into step- by-step tasks and collecting all the important information about them on one project board – Kanban or Scrum board. Working in Jira, everyone can track their progress or the project as a whole, and be aware of the latest changes.

Sometimes it is difficult for teams to understand Jira Software, so there is a third option – Jira Core. This product was designed for non-technical teams mostly to optimize their project management.

Here you can also track the progress of the entire team and every team member, and all project information is structured in such a way as to ensure free access to it, ensuring productive collaboration from the office or remotely.

Confluence for corporate Knowledge Base and single source of truth

Atlassian products are good because they are easily integrated with each other, allowing you to create a single system for work.

Confluence corporate Knowledge Base creation solves the problems of storing documents, text and multimedia content, reports, company policies and training information, and other data, and works as a single source of truth at any time and anywhere.

An open structure and tools for collaboration give any specialist the opportunity to supplement their knowledge and get feedback.

Starting a digital transformation: the roadmap

  1. Assess and plan. At this stage, our expert team analyzes the company’s current infrastructure, identifies potential areas for Agile, possible risks and constraints, and suggests optimal solutions for optimizing business processes using Atlassian products.
  2. Start  a step-by-step transformation. It would be very risky and time-consuming to change all the processes in all teams at once, so together with you, we choose a team of Agile/ITSM pioneers in the company and begin the transformation in those teams where it will bring the greatest benefit.
  3. Implementing a change management model. If everything is good, we implement a change management model that takes into account the initial data and easily adapts to the growth of the company.
  4. Evaluation of the transformation. At this stage, our specialists record the baseline measures, and introduce best practices for regular assessments and keeping digitalization aligned with your business strategy.

Every company is different in its own way, so it is essential to create a customized solution according to all the needs and goals of your business. Jira and Confluence can be integrated with an existing CRM, messaging gateways, payment systems, external sites, or develop an individual plugin.

Some questions left? We provide free consultations, and in half an hour we discuss your project and offer an individual solution.

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