Xtremax Case Study

Xtremax aims at empowering organisations to reshape their digital presence.


Xtremax team was looking for expanding the capabilities of JIRA Service Desk in order to manage access and performing further customization to adjust new software to existing business processes. As they were seeking to improve their communication with the end-user, they wanted for a client to see how their request is being handled with the change of statuses.


We installed JIRA Service Desk in addition to existing JIRA software.

  • Set up users, groups and project roles
  • Managed agendas, customers and collaborators
  • Automated service desk
  • Configured request types, workflows, notifications and customer portal
  • Set up reporting and SLAs
  • Picked up plugins for the Service Desk

Finally we created our own plugin to manage notifications in Xtremax’s Service Desk that allows customers to change the statuses of the workflow according to the customers type. We’ve expanded the functionality of the software by implementing the status mode of the request which is visible to the end-user. Now apart from adding comments and attachments, a client can change the status of their request.
We have also implemented a system of approval/disapproval for all the issues in the workflow.


Xtremax now has the tool that has become a perfect fit to their team. They have seen a significant rise in productivity since the installation if JIRA Service Desk as well as an increase in customer satisfaction rates due to the immediate responses and clear communication paths.

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