Headway Case Study

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Business Optimization Services & Consulting for Headway


Headway was looking for a partner who could assist them in bringing Atlassian tools into their business so that to optimize the business processes in their company. They also wanted to create efficient database for internal usage and for their clients to address to.


We’ve assisted in and consulted on:

  • Integrating JIRA and Confluence
    • Creating Jira issues from Confluence
    • Display Jira info with charts
    • Maintain traceability with automatic linking
    • linking Jira issues to Confluence pages
    • Provide self help resources for your customers
  • Best Practices for organizing projects
  • Creating and following a workflow efficiently
  • Configuring JIRA and Confluence to our client’s needs
  • Best Practices for working with Epics and Sub-Tasks
  • Access Management
  • Best practices for managing users and teams using JIRA and Confluence
  • Best Practices for Calendar Integration
  • Best practice for Organizing Kanban/Scrum boards with filters
  • Recommending plugins for any of our client’s needs
  • Customizing filters to address our client’s needs
  • Integrating HipChat with JIRA Cloud
  • Best practices for organizing different documents in Confluence
  • Recommending plugins, and other best practices to make workflow in Confluence more efficient
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