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Top 10 Confluence Plugins and Add Ons in 2020

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Maria Dorogokupez
Posted by Maria Dorogokupez
September 7, 2018

If you’re looking for a reliable solution at the Atlassian Marketplace, the easiest way is to check out the rating of a Confluence plugin. Yet, are those popular and well-rated Confluence plugins really that good? Here’s our top-10 of the most useful Confluence plugins in the year 2020 that are definitely worth their price.

1. Diagrams by SEIBERT/MEDIA for Confluence logo stays a number 1 Confluence plugin for 5 years in the row, and, honestly, this is a well-earned position. Describing a process, a notion or presenting a report in the form of a diagram is the best way to make the knowledge more comprehensible. has a simple interface, extensive functionality and can be mastered intuitively – those are the 3 key advantages that make it so indispensable. Will it ever lose its leading position? Most probably, yet through its functionality and price it will always remain a must-have Confluence plugin.

2. Gliffy Diagram by Gliffy

Gliffy for Confluence
Gliffy logo

Gliffy is another popular diagram Confluence plugin and, judging by nearly equal rating and number of downloads, it breathes down’s neck real hard at the moment. Both diagramming tools have very similar features, like API, drag-and-drop interface, media library, etc, but there’s one little thing that plays significant difference – the cost. Gliffy is $10 per month per user, which is 5 more expensive than, and in most cases this is a winning factor for the latter. Moreover, from my experience I would say that Gliffy is rather hard to scale to large enterprises, therefore this is a more suitable option for small and mid-sized businesses.

3. Table Filter and Charts by StiltSoft

Table Filter and Charts for Confluence
Table Filter and Charts logo

The demand for this plugin is clear evidence that in 2020 Confluence is no more reserved to solely IT departments. Business units have also discovered its excellent data-storing functionality and, with the help of this addon, can now drop Microsoft Excel and work with tables without leaving Atlassian ecosystem. Table Filter and Charts plugin have a moderate, but more-than-enough set of features like basic and advanced table filtration, data aggregation in tables, numbering, chart updates, etc. Reasonable pricing rates and continuous support only add up to the reasons why your business department should shift to this particular plugin.

4. Scroll Office

Scroll Office for Confluence
Scroll Office logo

5. Scroll PDF Exporter by K15t Software GmbH

Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence
Scroll PDF Exporter logo

Those two Confluence plugins have actually one and the same purpose – to export information from Confluence to Word or PDF formats correspondingly. They both work according to the same principle: a customer creates templates, which are the set of elements (page titles, table contents, headers, footers, etc.) he wants to see in the exported document. When performing an export, he matches the Confluence document with the desired template. This scheme is simple and, which is more important, the most user-friendly there is, allowing you to set standards for your documents once and for all. However, the price could be a bit lower, since the functionality is still rather limited, but since the plugins take top 4 and 5 positions, $5 per month per user doesn’t put the customers off.

6. Numbered Headings by Avisi B.V.

Numbered Headings for Confluence
Numbered Headings logo

Numbered Headings is a little plugin that automates a cumbersome and annoying task of…. numbering headings, surprise-surprise! This is, in a nutshell, almost all of its functionality, with some pleasant advanced features like custom numbering (when a user sets the formatting scheme) and exporting the numbering to other formats. Apparently, almost 8000 users have $5 to spare in order not to trouble themselves over numbering of headings, and where there’s demand, there’s supply.

7. Lucidchart Diagrams OnPrem by Lucidchart

Lucidchart Diagrams OnPrem for Confluence
Lucidchart Diagrams OnPrem logo

Yet another diagramming plugin that got into our rating – Lucidchart. The major competitive advantage Lucidchart emphasises on in their product is that it’s solely on premise and all your diagrams will be secure “behind the firewall”. It also allows for smooth migration from similar tools like Visio and Gliffy. Even though it has a more differentiated pricing model, Lucidchart still remains the most expensive diagramming plugin among the presented three. As for the functionality, it’s on the par with and Gliffy, allowing to create and edit flowcharts, ER diagrams, UML diagrams, BPMN, wireframes and many others. Apparently, it’s a good solution who is ready to pay some extra in order to have his data more secure than usual.

8. No Email Storm by StiltSoft

No Email Storm for Confluence
No Email Storm logo

Perhaps the most exciting about this Confluence plugin is its funny video presentation (seriously, you got to watch this ). Apart from it, No Email Storm has a rather clear purpose – to turn off change notifications about minor modifications to each document user; instead, it sends change updates after a final change. The plugin is free and the feature is quite useful, so – thank you, StiltSoft!

9. Archiving Plugin by Midori Global Consulting Kft.

Archiving Plugin for Confluence
Archiving Plugin logo

This plugin offers a great functionality to the companies that operate a large volume of knowledge and especially those who further use it for incident or problem management. Archiving Plugin monitors your Confluence for outdated technical documentation, intranet pages, knowledge bases, records, etc (you can set the time periods yourself), notifies the authors and automatically archives them if the document is no longer needed. Obviously, you can come back to the archived data and restore it if you need. This plugin is essential for keeping your knowledge ecosystem neat and clean and, since no other extension offers such functionality, this is a good value for your money.

10. GoEdit – Simply edit attachments! by KontextWork

GoEdit for Confluence
GoEdit logo

GoEdit is a plugin made for simplifying the cumbersome procedure of editing documents in Confluence. Instead, modify the attachment directly, without downloading and uploading it. It’s compatible with all the major browsers and can edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many other file formats. Moreover, you can activate the protection against simultaneous editing and updating conflicts. This tool will undoubtedly save you lots of time while working with text files, so it’s a great helping hand for content managers and such.

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