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Scrum Vs Kanban: Pros & Cons – total comparison

Aleks Yenin

Kanban is a model of continuous improvement. That is why project priorities can be changed in real time depending on what takes priority at a given moment. You can also add requirements and be very flexible in case your client changes his mind about something. Kanban is frequently used for bug fixes and support as with these types of tasks it is easy to change the priorities. Kanban can be used when the team does not have a specific plan but it’s not possible to organize the tasks into sprints.

Scrum has much more methodology as there’s a pre-determined set of requirements which cannot be changed in the process. It is used for complex projects and provides structure and guidance for development teams. Scrum boards work better for teams who like to plan their assignments in detail before starting a project. First you create a list of items that later became the backlog, then you create different versions and sprints. Scrum has two modes: a Plan mode and a Work mode. When using the Plan mode you can move issues from backlogs and give each a certain time estimate. In the Work mode you can move cards across columns. 

Let’s see in detail the difference between two tools:

Difference between two atlassian tools

Jira agile: Scrum or Kanban

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