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JIRA Ops Tool Review

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Maria Dorogokupez
Posted by Maria Dorogokupez
September 6, 2018

Jira Ops

JIRA Ops tool by Atlassian is one of the most intriguing announcements of the recent Atlassian Summit in Barcelona. For all we know about JIRA Ops at the moment, it will support the whole incident management lifecycle – from the initial alert to the status “resolved”. 

JIRA Ops Tool-img-1
JIRA Ops logo

The tool is by default integrated with every popular incident solution – PagerDuty, xMatters, Statuspage, Slack and OpsGenie, which Atlassian also announced to had recently acquired. For now the tool is a beta version, which will be formally released in 2019.

JIRA Ops integrations-img
JIRA Ops integrations

According to Atlassian claims, JIRA Ops will have the following functionalities:

  • alerts the ones in charge about an event or incident and and creates a chat room for them
  • communicates the progress of the incident to the customers
  • sets and updates status, security level, and duration of the incident
    timeline key events
  • postmortem analysis of an incident

What does it mean for all of us – Atlassian partners and customers? Firstly, that Atlassian is using the resources it has on hand very smartly. Instead of creating a separate wholistic incident management solution, they decided to develop a tool that would integrate and automate the work of the available products, intended for separate stages of IM. Secondly, Atlassian leverages JIRA to expand their capabilities in various aspects of ITSM. Like in case with Service Desk, that opened JIRA the way into Request Fulfilment, JIRA Ops allows Atlassian to gain a foothold at the Incident Management tools domain. Thirdly, there’s only a Cloud version of JIRA Ops and for now no plans of introducing a server version. Is this a new tendency we’re evidencing or is it made solely for trial’s sake? I guess it’s too early to judge.

JIRA Ops Tool-img-2
Screenshot from JIRA Ops initial presentation at Atlassian Summit 2018

Honestly, it’s too early to judge about the tool in general – how useful it will turn out we’ll know at the second quarter of  2019 at least. At the moment we can only appreciate the new addition to Atlassian stack and test it through and through.

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