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Is Jira only for devs? Breaking myths

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Anastasia Sarana
Posted by Anastasia Sarana
July 29, 2020

There is a common superstition that Agile methodology, ITSM/ITIL management frameworks, and software for agile project management normally work only in IT companies. This point of view could appear because the IT sphere is always the first to implement and adapt all new approaches and tools. 

That’s not true. Many processes in different business spheres are similar. That means the approaches for project management are also similar. So Agile and Scaled Agile frameworks can be easily adapted in any sphere if applied correctly. How to do that? Using the right software, and in our case, it’s applying the best practices of management using Jira Software.

Besides Agile, there are also ITSM/ITIL frameworks, that can also be easily used in many areas to manage service management processes and operations. And in this case, the right software to automate this approach is Jira Service Desk.

What spheres are better to apply Agile and ITSM?

Any! And we can prove it. We already worked with companies in the next spheres: 

  • Retail. We created Service Desk, integrated Jira Service Desk with Zendesk and provided ITSM/ITIL consulting for the Smartparts company.
  • Telecommunication. We did marketing processes automation, integrated Cloud CRM and PM Atlassian integrations for the Orange company.
  • Education. We integrated Jira with ServiceNow and developed a custom plugin for Georgian State University.
  • Finance. We did Confluence customization and knowledge management consulting for Sberbank.
  • Healthcare. We created private cloud and IT infrastructure, provided IT and DevOps support for OpenClinica

And more. See all cases here

What teams can use Jira Software and Jira Service Desk?

Any team in your company can use Agile and ITIL practices, starting from HR, Sales team, Management team, customer support, and others. 

Why Jira? 

Jira is one of the most popular tools for managing people, projects, and processes. When properly installed and configured and using the best Agile and ITSM practices, Jira lets the company get a significant increase in productivity and make all business processes transparent.

How we work

  1. Analyze how your business works and define possibilities and risks for Agile. In the end, you get a detailed roadmap to catch every new opportunity on the way to digital transformation.
  2. Start Agile transformation. It’s a great risk to do the transformation in all teams at once. So we establish a pioneer in the area where it will bring the most value.
  3. Manage the transformation. We introduce a continuous improvement model based on your current capacities, perfectly scalable to your growth plans.
  4. Evaluate results. We create a clear baseline, interim measures, and the final business value at each stage of digital transformation.

Feel free to contact us, and we’ll find an optimal Agile/ITSM solution based on Jira for every team in any sphere.

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