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How do you know if you need Atlassian customized?

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Alex Kisliak
Posted by Alex Kisliak
April 14, 2020

Every company is different. You don’t stand still, and your business is growing. The faster it grows, the more documents and complex processes you have to manage. Naturally, you start to look for a solution that will make these processes easier.

Even if you already use the software, it’s OK if you realize that you now need it to meet your new requirements. But changing the software regularly is not a great option, as it takes time and money. In this case, customization is the optimal solution. 

What are the different types of custom development? Some details

When we’re talking about customization, we consider not only changes to software. The first thing we need to do is find out the distinctive aspects of a business, the most important challenges it faces, and how to address them with a customized solution. We’d like to show you how Polontech changes the software of our clients and tailors it according to their needs. There are two things we can do: 

  1. Atlassian customization
  2. Atlassian plugins development for specific problems and broadening the basic functionality of the software. 

Let’s take the example of Jira. 

Jira Customization

In this case, we change the source code. You get all the new functionality, but you can have some difficulties when updating your Jira, as you need to merge two source codes: the customized version and the update from Atlassian.

Plugin development

Using plugins for Atlassian products is a more popular solution. It’s used in different software for project management, development frameworks (Visual Studio, Eclipse), graphics, and sound editors.

For example, Jira gives a set of interfaces to the plugin, and the possibility to sign in. The plugins developed for the early Jira versions continue to work when your Jira is updated, but only if Atlassian doesn’t change the interfaces and the source code.

When do companies realize they need custom development? The most common cases that we see

There are two types of companies that turn to us for customization:

  1. Companies which already use Atlassian tools, but the software doesn’t solve their new and urgent challenge. Then the solution is to develop customized plugins.
  2. Companies which don’t use an Atlassian tool, or any other software at all, but want to get a ready-to-go solution. In this case, we offer the implementation and customization of Atlassian tools, arranging them for the customer’s projects and teams. 

From general to special: examples of when Polontech starts customizing

Point Solutions wants a personalized Service Desk in less than a week!

The Swiss guys from Point Solutions came to us because they faced a fast growth in its customer base and, consequently, the number of requests. These requests were of various complexity and they also had a problem with tasks prioritizing, service delivery assessment, and many other small challenges. 


  • Jira Service Desk implementation
  • Creation of working processes for the tech support team and setting Jira according to the new processes.
  • New service desk integration with main customer web-portal to keep working without interruptions.
  • Creation of a system to further scale the service desk due to the speed of customers’ growth. 

We customized not only the software but also the team. We did it all in less than a week. Remotely. 

Xtremax wants more transparency when working with customers!

The developers from Xtremax already used Jira Software, but they wanted to broaden its functionality, using Jira Service Desk:

  • Manage access and adjust new software to existing business processes.
  • Provide its customers with the ability to see their requests being handled.


  • Jira Service Desk installation
  • Selection of plugins from the Atlassian market and the development of our own plugin. With it, the customers can see the request status and change it if needed.
  • Implementation of the system of approval/disapproval for all the issues in the workflow.

As a result, the company has experienced a significant rise in productivity and customer satisfaction rates. 

Locando wants all projects easily trackable and manageable by many outsourced specialists!

Locando, the translation and localization agency, faced a typical challenge in its area of business:

  • They needed to track a vast amount of data
  • The projects were in several languages. The specialists working on the projects were also from different teams, or outsourced translators with special payment terms. That’s why the working process needed to be highly visible and transparent for all parties. 


We installed Jira Software and set up users, groups, and project roles. As the project management tasks were very specific, and there wasn’t a ready-to-go solution on the market, we developed our own plugin, which has: 

  • Custom statuses of the project development
  • Tracking of the prices for sub-vendors and clients, plus invoice management
  • Personal agenda visualization with deadlines and work steps planning

Go2Group wants all its reports automated!

The Go2Group team already used Atlassian tools. Still, they needed more transparent project management processes visible for everyone.


  • Custom plugin development for automatic sync of the Jira tickets with reports and information updating.
  • Integration of the test case management process to Jira to create test cases, test plans, and test specifications
  • Creation of a highly customizable visual board for reporting and QA, so that management processes can be more accessible.

As a result, the company got a customized Jira Software for greater transparency in the development process.

Nokia wants a warehouse automation system!

Nokia came to us as they needed an automated system for its warehouse goods management.


We created and implemented JIRA Warehouse AutoMate software – a scalable solution for companies of any size: 

  • As a tool for managers, the app tracks all events that happen in the warehouse, collects the data, and analyzes it for future decision making.
  • As a tool for customers, JIRA Warehouse Automate tracks the orders statuses online, reducing customer service calls.

From our considerable experience, we can see how the customization of Atlassian tools helps companies make progress and overcome their unique challenges, boosts productivity, and manages all business processes effectively. 

Tell us about your project. Get a free call, and we’ll get an optimal solution for you. 

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