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Fruitful discussion at our meetup in Chicago

Maria Dorogokupez

So, our Agile/SAFe + Jira meetup successfully passed, and we’d like to thank all the 41 guests for such an alive discussion and output!

The event was held on the 29th of August, 2019, in Chicago, in 1871, an innovative center for technology and entrepreneurship. Before the meetup, we addressed to all the attendees and asked them to prepare some questions and share their opinion of the topics from the meetup agenda.

At the beginning of the event our leading expert Alex Yenin took on the role of Presenter, and then facilitated and moderated the discussion. He touched the aspects of Jira usage for Agile companies and teams, Agile / Scrum Artifacts, Kanban versus Scrum and others. The speaker also talked about Scaling in Agile and showed the Jira Software demo.

We appreciate that the attendees were engaged by the highlighted topics, and it’s really awesome that the public was so active and asked a lot of questions, which is unusual for such events. It means that we succeeded to gather together the true enthusiasts who are in love with what they do.

It means a lot to us that what we do is certainly important and interesting nor only for our team. Indeed it has the intellectual value that brings practical use for people, feeling a big potential of developing in this sphere.

We’ll be glad to provide all the guests with best services and special terms. We’re open to collaboration and partnership with both individuals and companies.

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