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10 Reasons Why JIRA Tool Is So Popular in 2020

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Aleks Yenin
Posted by Aleks Yenin
May 1, 2020

Our Atlassian experts share their ideas as to why Jira Project Magagement tool is so popular

Atlassian products have gained an enormous popularity in the world within the past decade. This fact itself shows their solutions are helping organizations to grow, develop and achieve goals. We are certainly within the team of Jira adherents. Having helped a bunch of companies to grow we want to share our knowlegde and observations on this topic.

JIRA tools are great for project management in any business size – small, developing and complex company enviroments

JIRA tools vary depending of the processes they are meant for. You can choose from Jira Core, Jira Software or Jira Service Management (formerly known as Jira Service Desk). They can be used for multiple purposes: bugs, issues, features, task tracking. Companies can also use it in some non-standard ways for various business needs such as warehouse automation tool, document flow, expenses optimization. More example of use for different business purposes can be found in our recent presentation on JIRA.  

JIRA tool is easily integrated with external systems and applications

It is often integrated with such tools as Zendesk (customer service), Git (revision control), Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM (client relations management), Zoom, Dropbox, Slack and hundreds of others. Everything depends on your business needs and current problems. That’s why a good planning and business analysis is needed before any sort of execution. Our experience has helped many of our customers to reduce costs of both tools, apps as well as Atlassian licences.

Confluence, Bamboo, FishEye, Opsgenie and others – a powerful Atlassian suite of products that can be easily integrated with JIRA and extend its initial functionality  

Of course, there are many other products that have the same functions, but it is definitely more convenient and effective to use products from the same manufacturer that have been specifically designed to compliment each other, and a lot of users prefer doing just that.

JIRA is very easy to customize

Any company can customize the system to its business processes, even if they are quite unique in nature. Users can create varied workflows and tasks.

JIRA’s functionality can be greatly increased by its plugins and addons

The system was specifically  created the way enabling companies to develop special modules in Java and build them into the system thus giving it additional functionality they need.

JIRA’s powerful reports system

One of the main prides of Atlassian is easy reporting. It allows users to generate reports on almost any aspect of the JIRA process they might need.

Atlassian has very flexible price scale for JIRA licenses

While great corporations with thousands of JIRA users will spend thousands of dollars annually, small companies will only have to invest a bit more than a hundred dollars while still receiving support and maintenance services from Atlassian.

JIRA offers different variants of database usage.

It gives you a possibility not only to use its internal HSQL database, but also integrate it (and Atlassian even recommends doing it) with your external database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc.).

JIRA has one of the most reliable bug tracking systems in the world.

After installation, it can work for years without system breakdown, and doesn’t need a reboot.

JIRA is supported by Atlassian – a large company with many experienced professionals

And the last but not least is the fact that Jira is a product of Atlassian. They have resources to timely fix bugs and faults in the system and provide support and maintenance services to JIRA users. It also maintains an active community of customers, users and experts which ensure that if you have a question regarding JIRA usage you can always get an answer from actual users.


We think these are the main reasons why JIRA products have become the most popular issue tracking tools nowadays all around the globe. Hope we helped you to learn more about this system and realize that it can be useful for plenty of businesses. If you are using other issue trackers please let us know in the comments which ones you do and why you stick to them.

If you still have any questions redarding Jira or if you consider expanding or optimizing you Jira bundle please feel free to contact us.

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