Popcorn Palace Case Study

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Popcorn Palace came to us with a clear understanding of how they want to optimize their business processes. Their team intended to implement Agile & DevOps best practices by making all the company processes transparent by automating everything that could and should be automated, customizing Atlassian software so that the team would love to use it.


Business processes optimization / automation:
– Creation of the workflows
– Access management (status changes restrictions depending on the role)
– JIRA customization
– Extension of functionalities
– Management of the transition issues
– Release/deployment automation

Integration with external systems:
– Integration with GitHub (automatic movement of JIRA issues to statuses on Github, statuses synchronization)
– Heroku integration

Agile/ Atlassian Consulting:
– Planning & Agile in one = Scrum + Kanban (Creating a Kanban board before moving to Scrum)
– Transition from trunk-based to brunch-based development
– UAT process optimization/automation
– Idea board visualization


Aside from a significant rise in productivity, the team could employ all the changes with almost no change resistance. All the tools are tailored so that to fit Popcorn Palace team perfectly, their implementation became an undeniable competitive advantage. With clearly outlined Agile processes, Popcorn Palace knows where to go forward from here. They moved from trunk-based to brunch-based development to increase the deployment rated, thus becoming more Agile/Lean with the help of our consultants and technical specialists.

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