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Jira Service Desk vs ServiceNow. Do they operate the same ITIL processes?

Aleks Yenin

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In our previous article the advantages and disadvantages of JIRA Service Desk  and ServiceNow solutions were discussed.

Both solutions are focused around ITIL but the important question is “Do they operate the same ITIL Processes?”.

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is an integrated, process-based, best practice framework for managing IT services. ITIL is the most widely-used service management framework in the world.

Among other topics, it provides guidance for creating and operating a Service Desk which is typically used to establish efficient communication between the user community and the IT provider. Originally initiated to improve IT service management for the UK central government, ITIL has become a “standard” (however, actually it is not) for many organizations; public or private sector, large or small, centralized or distributed.

Let me emphasize again, that we are talking here about JIRA Service Desk (not JIRA Core or JIRA Software/Agile).


JIRA Service Desk can help you with everything you need for core ITIL processes and how to improve key support capabilities. Everyone agrees that ITIL is often essential to succeed, but it can be difficult to know how to make it happen. JIRA  Service Desk is ITIL certified in four ITIL processes:

  • Request Fulfillment
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management

Jira in ITIL



Another alternative that you can consider doing your service operations automation is ServiceNow. ServiceNow is an IT service management tool and it follows the ITIL v3.0 framework but, now ServiceNow is currently expanding its footprint into many other portfolios as well, such as legal management, marketing management, and cost management and others.

ITIL v3.0 Framework


Here’s the full list of ITIL processes groups currently operated by ServiceNow:

  • Design
  • Transition
  • Operation

In many organizations ServiceNow is being used primarily by the Support Desk for entering trouble tickets and get Problem Management process going. Developers use ServiceNow to create change requests and document the proposed fix and testing plan. Release docs are used to group changes into different versions of the application. Another case, to help prioritize incidents and approve change requests. It is also used by Change Management to help understand all configuration items in a system and to know what is in each version.

It’s necessary to point out that JIRA can be used in conjunction with ServiceNow. They can work wonders together but ServiceNow helps more with the entire service life cycle, while JIRA caters great for Dev teams or Support teams.

Both ITIL certificated-tools give IT teams support of best practices for their processes.

If you hesitate in your choice – our professional consultants will provide you with complete guidance on how to implement the right solution and how it can be customized to support your business processes.

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