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7 Things About Business Process Automation Your Boss Wants You to Know

Aleks Yenin

There are numerous software solutions aimed at automating your business (for example, we compared two of them in our previous post), and business owners have an opportunity to choose what suits them better. However, the very meaning of this phrase is often not very understandable for us. And it is not always easy to comprehend how exactly it can be useful for you and why you should implement it at all in your business.

Today we’ll try to dig a bit deeper into this question and give you 7 facts about business process automation that your boss or you (if you’re your own boss) would definitely like to know.


1. BPA software method

Business process automation (BPA) is software or method that makes your business less complicated and more efficient through use of technology that makes tedious operations automatic. As a result, you spend less time on these operations that are usually quite time-consuming, and more – on actual work that brings in the money.


2. Simplify Client Management

BPA will significantly simplify your client management. With the help of contemporary BPA technologies your accounting team will no longer have to send each other constant status update emails and documents – you’ll keep them in one place everyone entitled will have access to, so you’ll always be aware what’s going on with a particular client.


3. BPA Clear Hierarchy

Business process automation will help you establish a clear approval hierarchy in your company. You can forget about endless strings of emails that end up in spam and chasing people in order to get their approvals. There are a lot of BPA solutions that will help you define and implement optimal approval ladders for each process you have.


4. Administration Automation with BPA

You will be able to reduce time spent on admin tasks in your company. BPA helps you automate such time-consuming tasks as sending reminder emails, approval requests, follow-ups etc. Thus you’ll spend less precious time on tasks that don’t actually bring your company any money.


5. Cost Reduce

Good implementation of BPA software will help you minimize cost due to fewer errors made by people. Such software will take care of most of tedious and tiring operations, will keep your employees updated on what they are to do and thus lead to fewer errors made by them which, in its turn, will help avert possible financial loss caused by such errors.


6. Company Transparency

Using business process automation software will increase accountability and transparency in your company. It will clearly show you which one of the employees is responsible for certain tasks, who is doing everything in time, who is running late etc. It will also help you understand which processes constitute a problem and need fixing, and which are totally fine.


7. Forecasting with BPA

The last but not least – BPA solutions implementation will help you make better forecasts of your business, as well as meet them more precisely. Reducing the number of errors made by humans will lead to more efficient execution of your business goals as you have set them. This will give you opportunities for better planning of your business’s future development.


We hope this small article helped you understand how helpful business process automation can be for your company, and you’ll be able to persuade your boss (or yourself) that you’ll definitely need this in your further work.

However, if you still need some advice on this issue – feel free to Contact Us.


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