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5 coolest Jira add ons or Jira apps to improve Jira users’ work

Alex Kisliak

Atlassian Jira is one of the best project management and issue tracking tools. Complete it with Jira add ons and apps to improve your work in Jira.

Jira is probably one of the best of Atlassian tools for project management and issue tracking, as it has plenty of useful functions and quite simple to use. Yet, it isn’t perfect, and it’s natural that users want to complete Jira with features that classic Jira version doesn’t have. Likely, it’s possible with a huge amount of Jira add ons and plugins that will meet any need of your team. But what to choose? We made a short but useful list of Jira apps that will help Jira users to boost their productivity:

ScriptRunner by Adaptivist

It’s the most rated Jira app on the Atlassian market today. Why? Because it can essentially simplify the work process of Jira users. With the help of it you’ll get all issues created completely automatically and the internal operations optimized. Plus, the users will get the enhanced JQL search functions. You’ll also get access to the library of scripts. Schedule your scripts to run when you want them.

You’ll also get the opportunity to customize Jira interface and develop the workflow based on your needs.

Zephyr for Jira by Zephyr, a SmartBear company

It’s a sophisticated Jira add on for test management. With its help you’ll get the procedure of testing accurately integrated to the runtime process. The app also provides Jira users with track, analyze and report Quality Metrics – from the variety of gadgets you can choose the one you like the most. Diagrams for Jira by //SEIBERT/MEDIA –

As it’s said on the Atlassian market, it’s a #1 Jira app for diagrams. Another fact that makes it popular among jira users is that  this Jira add on is pretty simple and cheap. It’s based on the market leading diagramming technology mxGraph, providing the high quality of work. The vendors make you sure that no diagram data will leave your Jira. You can also click the link and check how it works.

Aha! Visual product roadmaps by Aha! Labs Inc

It’s probably the best Jira app for building roadmaps. All Jira users can set the product or marketing strategy, as there are 6 beautiful templates for the roadmap. It helps you with an eye-catching presentation for your team to share the plans and state the strategic points of the future work.

Xporter by Xpand IT

With this Jira add on you can export the issues from Jira! It works with Excel, PDF and Word files. You can also export images, work logs and comments. Plus, you’ll get all schedule reports to your mail.

All these Jira apps have a free trial period, so you can appreciate each of these apps on your own. If none of these meet your needs, we can develop a unique Jira app just for your team.

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