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Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is often carelessly neglected, yet when implemented correctly it’s extremely effective and considerably increases the business value in the long run. It will give you such benefits as central oversight of your budget, risk management possibilities and project investment optimization.

Polontech team has a solid experience of Portfolio Management for enterprises and teams around the world. In our consultancy work we’re guided by the approach of maximum personalization. We thoroughly analyze what exactly your company needs and work out what tool and strategy will be the most beneficial in your case.

Polontech offers the following Portfolio Management tools:

1. SwarmOS
2. BigPicture
3. Portfolio for JIRA
4. Structure for JIRA

Thanks to Polontech assistance a number of companies fostered their environment, minimized risks.

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“Мы значительно улучшили нашу производительность и уровень обслуживание клиентов, достигли точности заказа и уменьшили количество ошибок с инвентаризацией, интегрировав нашу платформу электронной торговли с JIRA Warehouse AutoMate Plugin. Компании Polontech понадобилось меньше недели, чтобы автоматизировать наш склад и значительно повысить конкурентоспособность нашего бизнеса”.

Фабиан Васер, Член совета, Point Solutions
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