Service Desk

Process all incoming customer information quickly and effectively

Service Desk

Service Desk in IT industry can be described as a service that provides support for IT products and services. It usually organized in the form of a helpdesk or a call center where customers can turn to when incidents or problems occur as well as when they have questions or requests. It’s a point where a company directly interacts with its customers, therefore making this aspect crucial for company’s well-being and goodwill.

JIRA Service Desk by Atlassian a powerful service desk with self-service, automation, SLAs, and CSAT reporting. This tool comes with a great number of default ITIL-certified incident, problem, change and service request management templates that you can customize if you feel the need to. With JIRA Service Desk a service team will be able to easily start change requests without complex approvals, use chat for prompt on-line response, and connect incidents with problems for a better understanding of a situation.

JIRA Service Desk allows you to:

  • Build a Confluence knowledge base
  • automate routine tasks
  • prioritize queues
  • gain visibility of your workflow through metrics



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Jira Service Desk Integration

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