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Atlassian boot connect - JIRA tip from Polontech
Aleks Zuevich Posted by Aleks Zuevich Nov 2, 2016

Tip of the Week: Atlassian Connect + Spring Boot Sample

In our weekly tip, we are going to touch upon an issue that many developers face while dealing with Atlassian connect. We provide a comprehensive overview of the problem and suggest our own workaround to turn a simple web application into an Atlassian Connect add-on.

Weekly Tip
Aleks Zuevich Posted by Aleks Zuevich Oct 21, 2016

Tip of the Week: How to Get a CustomField

Our weekly tip for JIRA Admins and Atlassian Developers. We're not greedy and we are eager to share our knowledge and little secrets on how to customize JIRA like a pro.

Localhost & JIRA
Aleks Zuevich Posted by Aleks Zuevich Oct 14, 2016

Tip of the Week: Make localhost Available on the Internet

Exposing your the data in localhost to the internet environment can be tricky, especially if working with JIRA Cloud Instance. In our Weekly Tip from Polontech, Aleks shares how you can work around this issue.

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Aug 26, 2014

How JIRA supports Audi development

Innovation lies at the heart of Audi. From plug-in hybrid technology to piloted driving, the brains behind much of those innovations lie within the main Research & Development Centers (R&D) of Audi.

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Aug 13, 2014

Zend Delivers Development in Amazon Infrastructure Cloud

Zend announced today launching a PHP development service in the AWS marketplace, making it a Platform as a service inside the Amazon infrastructure cloud.

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin May 16, 2014

JIRA SMS Sender Update

Our development team has worked hard to present you the update for JIRA SMS Sender add-on with great new features that you'll love!

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Apr 25, 2014

JIRA Automation for Warehouses

The situation on the market today is undergoing fundamental changes. Products, targeted at everyone and no one specifically, recede into the past and make room for individual goods, targeted at each client of the shop. Due to this personification, the importance of the warehouse goods accounting system is constantly growing, but its functionality does not allow to perform all the necessary daily operations. Ultimately, the system simply can not cope with its tasks and companies suffer a loss, which is unacceptable in a highly competitive market today.