Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Mar 26, 2019

Atlassian Integrations with 3rd Parties

If you have already been using other parties tools being cautious about onboarding Atlassian solutions for fear they won’t work together – worry no more. Each Atlassian product is universally integrative thanks to REST API interface. As a result,with it help any third party tool is capable to connect and interact with another one. Polontech provides a solid expertise of integrating various solutions with 3rd party products along with systems. Our expert team will develop a custom REST API interface specially for your instrument. We may also build up an Atlassian integration plugin which will access the REST API of…

Maria Dorogokupez Posted by Maria Dorogokupez Jun 15, 2018

Confluence for Content Management

I’m a content manager at Polontech and what I enjoy the most is the process of writing. I used to think that all I would need for my work is Microsoft Word and my muse. Yet as I was getting more and more acquainted with Atlassian instruments, I understood that Confuence provides too powerful content management capabilities to be so easily ignored. So there are two wonderful ways I use Confluence for: manage information and links from various platforms At some point i’ve noticed my research files are not just disorganized – they are simply scattered around Google Drive,…

Maria Dorogokupez Posted by Maria Dorogokupez May 9, 2018

Change Management in ITSM

IT is a highly volatile industry for many reasons: innovations, breakthroughs, upgrades, new solutions and regulations, and so on. Even though progress is undoubtedly a positive notion, there’s one thing that clouds on the overall goodness – how to adapt to a new landscape. Change management is an integral part of ITSM and perhaps the most relevant in today’s fast-paced IT environment. The aim of Change Management is to provide balance between two contradicting objectives of ITSM: on one hand – stable, reliable services, on the other – flexible services that evolve together with business requirements. The most effective ITSM…

Maria Dorogokupez Posted by Maria Dorogokupez May 7, 2018

JIRA Custom Add-on Development

If you want your JIRA to suit your exact individual needs, be as scalable, flexible and manageable as you want it to be – then you need a JIRA custom add-on developed. Over the years Polontech has been successfully developing add-ons for server and cloud versions of JIRA. Our team of developers applies the most advanced and Atlassian-compatible technologies. For server version add-ons we use Java stack for backend and jQuery together with AUI (Atlassian User Interface) libraries for front-end development. What comes to cloud add-ons development, we implement Node.js/Java for the backend and React, Angular or jQuery framework library…

Maria Dorogokupez Posted by Maria Dorogokupez May 2, 2018

JIRA Intergations

Each core Atlassian instrument is highly functional on its own, and JIRA is not an exception. As an Agile tracking system for software deployment, it leverages an out-of-the-box Agile workflow where you can create user stories, plan, prioritize and distribute tasks, continuously receive up-to-date information on current development status and visualize your team performance data. Yet Polontech experts suggest you not to stop on separate JIRA use. JIRA is integratable with Confluence, Bitbucket, Stride and numbers of smaller Atlassian tools, as well as third-party programs. No matter what tool you need and choose – through integrating JIRA you’ll get a…

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Dec 9, 2017

Atlassian Certification Process

A few months ago Polontech team became Atlassian Certified. We’d like to share your experience and help those who is planning to pass these exams. If you are also in a need of Atlassian trainings, please contact us.

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin

Atlassian Certification. Why get certified and what are the options?

Polontech experts have successfully got Atlassian Certification. It must be said that it wasn’t a piece of cake. But in Polontech we love challenges, hold ourselves to high standards and take pride in what we do every day. 

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Sep 28, 2017

Our JIRA add-on for quick issue creation

We present our new add-on plugin "Focus on Issue Right After Creation" for JIRA Server 7.0.0 – 7.4.4. It's just a great plugin for quick issue creation. We really hope you will like it.

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Sep 25, 2017

Highlights from the Atlassian Summit US 2017

Be the first to learn about Atlassian's latest and greatest advancements for the tools you can't live without. Discover how you can unleash the power of your team's potential with our live blog from the Atlassian Summit 2017 in San Jose.

Aleks Yenin Posted by Aleks Yenin Aug 28, 2017

JIRA Service Desk vs ServiceNow: What to choose for ticketing automation?

We’re glad to provide you with a complete overview of the best Task Management Software to support your business processes. See why IT and service teams love JIRA Service Desk and ServiceNow.