Request fulfilment

Prompt reaction and management of all customer requests

Request fulfilment

Request fulfillment means processing and managing customer request for service, and no matter the scale of an enterprise, requests will always be there. Prompt and efficient response to them is an important aspect of ITSM, for it can increase customer satisfaction and work for the benefit of positive company image.

Considering the sensitivity of request fulfillment for the corporate well-being, Atlassian has come up with a solution – JIRA Service Desk. This multifunctional tool is the very heart of the Atlassian approach to ITSM. Integrated with the Atlassian ITIL instrument – Confluence, it creates an optimal environment for effective request management. So what opportunities does JIRA Service Desk offer for request fulfillment?

  • Easy-to-use customer portal for request submission and tracking
  • Smart knowledge base where customers can find answers
  • Easy request form and approval process
  • Faster service request fulfillment due to the team access to a knowledge base

Want to learn about request fulfillment implementation in your company? Turn to Polontech for a consultation!

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Request fulfilment
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