Problem & incident management

Create a problem-free workflow with Atlassian tools stack

Incident and Problem Management are two sides of one ITSM coin. An incident in ITSM means an already occurred outage, interruption or breakdown, while the problem is a more global notion and can be defined as a repeating incident. Both incident and problem are unpleasant and disruptive occurrences that need to be taken care of as promptly as possible.

JIRA Service Desk and Confluence are a perfect combination of tools for both Incident and Problem Management. Integrated, they create a wholesome management eco-system where you can:

  • detect, categorize and prioritize issues
  • assign, verify and investigate issues
  • keep track of and analyze issues
  • search in a Confluence library for precedents and their solutions

These seemingly simple functions facilitate wholesome management of incidents and problems. Want to onboard this system for your team or to learn what other opportunities there are? Polontech JIRA experts will do this for you. We’ve been working with JIRA and other Atlassian tools for around 10 years, and we know how to adjust everything according to your particular case.  Contact Polontech, and we’ll be happy to be at your service!

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"We significantly improved our productivity and customer services, reached the order accuracy and cut our inventory related mistakes by integrating our Ecommerce platform with JIRA Warehouse AutoMate Plugin. It took less than a week to automate our warehouse and became a competitive advantage of our business"

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