Change Management process is key to reliable IT systems

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Change management

The market now offers a huge variety of versatile solutions and tools for every budget, so finding one that suits you financially is relatively easy. The real issue however, is choosing which solution to use that is ideally suited to your project, in order to create long term and lasting benefits to your business.

This is what we do

In a nutshell, Change Management is a system that contains effective change strategies, through which a user gets a smoother workflow and also a secure introduction of a new service, tool or system. Change Management can also be relied upon when you configure or upgrade your existing system.


Our company uses JIRA Service Desk from Atlassian as a basis for a Change Management system. Not only was it carefully developed to encompass all the necessary features and functionalities for change management, but it is also ITIL certified.

How will we do it?

  1. Study and assess your organizational environment.
  2. Create a Change Management strategy and design the change program for your specific requirements and workflow.
  3. Install a Change Management infrastructure consisting of JIRA and other necessary add-ons. Configure Change Management workflow in Jira and dependencies if needed (Problem management, Asset management, others).
  4. Monitor your Change Management system and provide necessary support.


What are the benefits to you?

  • Reduced risks and increased efficiency
  • Substantial cost-savings
  • Your existing resources are aligned
  • Your business will be fully prepared for future changes
  • Your changes go faster, in a transparent and predictable manner

How long will it take?

Installation of a Change Management system will normally only take a couple of days. However, designing a Change Management processes and workflow and confirming with stakeholders and CAB can take more time.


Change Management Process ITIL

Using Jira for Change Management does not have to be difficult. Turn to our trusted and ITIL certified experts at Polontech to get your Change  Management system perfectly integrated into your business environment, whatever your project type!


"We significantly improved our productivity and customer services, reached the order accuracy and cut our inventory related mistakes by integrating our Ecommerce platform with JIRA Warehouse AutoMate Plugin. It took less than a week to automate our warehouse and became a competitive advantage of our business"

Fabian Waser, Board Member, Point Solutions AG
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