Asset management

Methodology for asset management and expenses optimization

Asset management

Asset Management in IT means inventorying equipment and tools at hand and making sure everything is accounted for and put to use. Physical assets – PC, laptops, keyboards, projectors – may not seem as such a great deal to care about in IT industry, yet don’t forget they are an integral part of development process and an essential item on a budget. Nowadays, in a fast-paced business environment, to stay on top a company cannot afford to stick to outdated practices like a spreadsheet for asset management.

Atlassian offers a modern, agile-centred tool for asset management – JIRA. Primarily, JIRA is an issue tracking solution, yet Atlassian made it so versatile that it can be easily adopted as or transformed into, if you have it installed, a system for managing assets. With the help of unique QR codes and ID numbers, assigned to items, you can easily keep track of status and location of every single one of them. Moreover, you’ll be able to view and process important details on every asset (for example, technical characteristics or warranty period). What is more, based on the aforementioned data you can generate a report concerning any topic and aspect.

Those are just the benefits and opportunities off the top of a head. JIRA offers a great number of asset management possibilities. What to learn more about what JIRA can offer your team? Turn to Polontech for a consultation and we’ll surely work out the best configuration for you.

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We significantly improved our productivity and customer services, reached the order accuracy and cut our inventory related mistakes by integrating our Ecommerce platform with JIRA Warehouse AutoMate Plugin. It took less than a week to automate our warehouse and became a competitive advantage of our business

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