4th International IT Security Conference

4th International IT Security Conference

One of the leading experts from Polontech, Aleks Yenin, took part in the 4th International IT Security Conference held on 29-30th of March in Minsk. This event was devoted to the practical issues of cybersecurity. More than 45 leading experts in cybersecurity and data protection from various industries discussed with the audience key points of data security and collaborative decision-making and conducted workshops. Moreover, the visitors had the chance to visit solutions and services exhibition.

The topic of Aleks Yenin speech was “Knowledge management in Info Sec provider” based on the case of Sony Electronics. He dwelled upon the notion of incident and knowledge management and its functions, explained the life circle of knowledge items and advised on the choice of knowledge management tools. What is more, Aleks gave useful tips on working with indexes and tags for libraries, explained the usefulness of customer’s self-management and pointed out the problems top-management can come across while incorporating the knowledge management system.

Experts from Polontech are always eager to participate in such events when we can gain new knowledge and share our experience, master new skills and strike up new useful acquaintances.

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4th International IT Security Conference
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