Locando Case Study

Locando deals with localisation & translation for major IT companies

JIRA Set up and Customization for Locando Ltd.


Locando came to us with an interesting challenge that faces almost any translation agency. There’s a lot to track and manage as they sometimes direct the translation to external sources and sometimes the internal translators can tackle the task. One project can comprise of several languages with different kind of assignees, thus with different kinds of payments. Everything should be easily tracked, be visible and transparent for all the parties to the project. What is more, all the processes were to be automated and optimized with the help of JIRA Software, a custom plugin that we created that helped to automate task management from visual boards to automated reports.


Set up JIRA software:

  • Set up users, groups, and project roles
  • Managed agendas, customers, and collaborators
  • Configured request types, workflows depending on the assignee
  • Set up reporting for internal and external sources
  • Planning and managing personal agenda

And then created a tailored plugin for JIRA:
That could cover all the existing features that Locando team needed:

Task tracking and management:

  • tracking the evolvement of a project with customized statuses
  • customized assignation of roles and tasks
  • tracking branches of one project (brunch-based & trunk-based)
  • tracking the prices (for sub-vendors and clients, i.e. purchase and selling prices)
  • custom personal agenda visualization (with deadlines and work steps planning)

PO (purchase order) and invoice management

  • PO customization and its integration with reporting and invoicing
  • Creation of various issue types for invoices
  • Setting up reporting for invoices

Clients and sub-vendors’ details

In order to save time during data entry, all the clients and sub-vendors’ details are put in data tables. Then there’s a possibility to click on a sub- vendor’s name in a “purchase invoice” issue and their information appears in a separate window or ticket.


We’ve made the complex structure of the company projects transparent, easily trackable and easily managed.

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