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Moxie NYC aimed at increasing efficiency and transparency while having their work processes optimized. They wanted to deploy faster, be able to plan thoroughly, build better with even higher quality and provide continuous improvement with the help of Atlassian software.


Together with Moxie NYC we’ve devised and followed through the following stages of optimization:

  • Orientation to value: Moxie NYC set the right goal of delivering unique digital solutions and services and Polontech team did their best at trying to assist in doing just that. Moxie NYC came with a clear set of values which made working at this stage much easier. We started with describing common goals and making everyone understand their responsibility and value so that to prepare for the changes as a team.
  • Team automation: the next step was the implementation of the software that could help in those changes and collaboration – Atlassian JIRA. We’ve set up the workflows, notifications and permissions. We also integrated JIRA and Github in order to have one primary tool where all the work is visible. We’ve brought each team member into using the tools, i.e. not just developers but management, QA and designers so that they could be always on the same page.
  • Measuring business value & efficiency: JIRA software can help not only map the process and track progress, it is also can be used in measuring the results. We helped Moxie NYC to implement JIRA Software with its logging time-centric structure as a measurement tool as well.
  • General optimization: shifting to DevOps is a huge culture change for a company, which is hard to be tackled without additional team coaching. However, with the help of our consultants, with constant improvement and measurement processes, it was easy for Moxie NYC to optimize their efforts and resources.


We’ve managed to reach greater visibility, automate team and work processes. What is more, we’ve customized JIRA software so that it could perform all the necessary functions and be seamlessly integrated into DevOps day-to-day activities including but not limited to planning, task tracking, efficient working and measuring the results, which helped Moxie NYC be on their way to true DevOps ideal.

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