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Zend Delivers Development in Amazon Infrastructure Cloud

Aleks Yenin

Zend announced today launching a PHP development service in the AWS marketplace, making it a Platform as a service inside the Amazon infrastructure cloud.

From now on instead of download and install it, you can jump onto AWS and begin developing a project and pay as you go in the cloud. The AWS offering actually consists of two products, a developer solution where you build the application or service and a production site where you deliver it.

Andi Gutman says they have evolved the platform over the years to deal with changing requirements like mobile and the cloud and the Amazon Web Services partnership makes sense for developers because it gives them flexibility they might be lacking in a more traditional development environment.

Cloud as a critical enabler to continuous delivery. It lets you automate and deliver a high level of agility.

Andi Gutman

Amazon now understands that to compete in an increasingly heated market place, it needs to build an ISV-type ecosystem in the cloud.  Just like Microsoft did to continue growing. 

As for the price – it’s below all the rates. Developer would spend about .40 – .50 cents per day, as Gutman mentioned, they aren’t really hoping to make a lot of money on the development side. Once the product crosses over to the production side and people begin to use it, that’s when Zend can begin to see some revenue, and that’s fine with Gutmans who is happy to get as many people on the platform as possible without cost being a factor.

If you got any questions due to Zend and using it with third-part apps – feel free to Ask Now.

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