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Workflow in Polontech

Aleks Yenin

Each client has their unique needs and requires individual approach, which we do provide. However, there are several common rules that we have elaborated throughout the years of successful Atlassian tools support and are now applying for every our project.

  • Client’s initial request goes to Polontech Atlassian Expert. When a client reaches us for services the first person he contacts is not the engineer with whom he can discuss the technical detail or the department head deciding on general issues, but Polontech Atlassian Expert. It is the perfect person for the primary contact as he is the one who can make some basic assessment of the client’s business needs and think of solutions without going into too much technical, financial or organisational details, thus preparing some ground for the meeting with the client.


  • Clarification meeting with the client. We always organise a clarification meeting where the client discusses his needs with our Senior Engineer (Business Analyst), who can offer him more specific technical solution, and the Account Manager, who can give an insight into the organisation of the work for the future project. This way we give the client a wider understanding of what will be implemented and how.


  • Actual working process with a single contact person from our side. After our quote is accepted and the contract is signed, the actual work begins. For this stage we have one  principal rule –  it is that the client has only one entry point,our Middle/Senior Engineer assigned for the project. All further communication with other members of the team goes through this person. In case more personnel is required to be involved in the project (java developers, Atlassian gurus, system administrators etc.), they do not interact directly with the client, but communicate all issues and questions to the assigned engineer who in turn communicates them to the client, and vice versa. All approvals and reports as well as additional resources requests are also communicated by the client to the assigned engineer who forwards them to the department head.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     By strictly applying this rule we eliminate any possibility of disappointing situations such as our professionals getting requests from different sources or several people working at the same issues, ensure good work coordination and, as a result, high customer satisfaction.


These are the most important baseline principles that we stick to in our working process and that help us deliver services of the highest quality always on time.

Thinking of implementing Agile principles in your business processes, but don’t know where to start? Just contact us! 

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