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What to expect when you’re expecting Atlassian Summit in Barcelona?

Maria Dorogokupez

As it’s getting nearer to 3rd of September, we’re packing sunglasses and linen shirts in our bags, looking through summit schedule, making plans for days and nights and, as for me at least, checking the #AtlassianSummit hashtag. Twitter is a wonderful invention after all for letting you stay tuned to the upcoming event and communicating the spirit of festive expectation. Seeing the speakers and organizers sharing their preparations and enthusiasm is truly inspiring.

Yet this is an emotional side, and we’re attending Atlassian Summit not only for emotions and fun, but mainly for discovering exciting horizonts, for intellectual challenge, for mastering new skills that we will pass on to our teams as we come back. What about this aspect? Well, the summit’s agenda looks more comprehensible than ever before, addressing every relevant topic from many sides and expert perspectives. Our consulting team finds the most professionally attractive “Atlassian Admin”,  “Service and Support” and “Custom fit” tracks. Unfortunately, so many exciting speeches are scheduled at one and the same time that some of us are really desperate to lay hands on that good old Time-Turner to attend ‘em all.

I won’t dwell on that sad topic of “what we’ll have to miss”; instead, I’ll enumerate the sessions that our absolute favourites must-sees:

So these are the sessions that we’ve all for now agreed are extremely valuable, but of course not all that we’re planning to attend. Stay tuned for our short reports and reviews during the days of Atlassian Summit!

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