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What is Atlassian Expertise?

Aleks Yenin

Services provided by Atlassian experts vary from selling Atlassian licenses to Atlassian tools installation, customization, their add-ons development etc. That’s why being Atlassian experts means being professionals in a wide range of spheres directly and indirectly connected to Atlassian products.

First of all, it is very important that there are people who are experts in business optimization and automation, who understand clients’ business goals and know how to use JIRA, Confluence and other Atlassian tools for the benefit of the client.

Second, the expert company’s employees have to not only know every detail of Atlassian tools, but also have knowledge of instruments and programs with which Atlassian products can be integrated.

And, of course, there must be skilled developers as development add-ons and plugins for JIRA and Confluence is one of the main areas of any Atlassian expert’s work nowadays.

As there are more and more experts working with Atlassian, it is important for them (or better say us) to broaden the services they provide in order to satisfy the needs of as many potential clients as possible, and at the same time find an area in which they would be the best, their unique specialization. Of course, every expert company tries to provide all Atlassian support services, but usually there is still one or several directions that prevail. For example, some experts usually work with tech companies, others – with academic institutions, some prefer to focus on development processes, while others mainly provide training and coaching.

We are no exception, either.
At Polontech, we try to provide all services that companies using Atlassian products might need, but our main specialisation is JIRA support, its customization, integration etc, as well as JIRA and Confluence plugin development. These are the areas that we have made our specialisation, and in which we trying to become better than anyone else, every day.

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