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JIRA Tasks Visualization

Aleks Yenin

JIRA offers great possibilities for managing projects, tasks, issues, but when a project is too big and complicated it is hard to see and comprehend the whole picture of it. This is where visualization helps.

Visualization is the representation of project information in the form of graphs, charts, diagrams etc. It presents the information and linkage between various aspects of the project more vividly thus making it more comprehensible.

JIRA itself doesn’t give a lot of opportunities for visualization, but there are several plugins that compensate for that. One of them is Wallboard Plugin. It is an information radiator that displays important data about the progress of the development team. It is highly visible, easy to understand and very effective as the information is updated automatically with real-time data.

Another plugin that helps visualize project information is Gantt-Chart Project for JIRA. It is a native and professional JIRA plugin which extends JIRA’s possibilities to provide a set of key project management facilities using Gantt-Chart. It implements the most powerful  project planning features of Microsoft Project and a real-time development tracking solution.

BigPicture Plugin is another useful tool that introduces project portfolio management in JIRA. It enhances the power of JIRA making it easier to build and manage your backlog via Gantt charts, roadmaps, resource planning etc. It makes tasks more tightly connected, and the dependencies between them are retained no matter what. As of today, this plugin is still in Beta.

Of course, there are other plugins that offer visualization opportunities for JIRA, like Catalyst, JIRA Portfolio etc. We just wanted to give you the basic understanding of them.


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