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Top 10 Agile Conferences to Follow in 2016 by Polontech

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Aleks Yenin
Posted by Aleks Yenin
January 4, 2016
  1. Agile2016 by Agile Alliance
Agile 2016

Agile Conferences 2016 by Polontech

One of the most significant conferences in North America has become the place where “Agile tribes” meet.  Top-class speakers will share their ideas and experience with Agile Developers, Executives, Teams, Managers, Coaches and Consultants from all over the world. You can join the attendants from more than 40 countries for a 4-days conference which will take place on July 25-29 in Atlanta, GA, USA.

2.  Agile Testing Days 2016

Agile Testing Days 2016

Best Agile Conferences in 2016

German-based conference looks very promising as it has lots of positive reviews from the former participants. It is going to last for three days during which you’ll be able to embrace wisdom from a substantial number of speakers and what is more important you’ll have a lot of fun! The organizers seem to know their job and apart from top-notch speeches and presentations they have allocated some time for networking and socializing. Don’t miss out: December 05-08, 2016, Germany.

3.Scrum Days

Best Agile Conferences by Polontech

Scrum Days promise to be huge this year. The approaches that the organizing team employs are very innovative. They target the audience and make sure that those two days that you spend there are going to be as useful as possible. There are four main tracks: Process, Product, Experience and exclusively – Executive. As you can see not only Scrum Masters can grow their profession experience, but all the people interested in Agile development and new professional ways of interacting with people are welcomed to participate. There seems to be the very right atmosphere for networking and even job-finding! Don’t miss out the talks, workshops, amazing coaching and a lot of fun. Pay a visit to Warsaw, Poland on 12-13 of May.

4.   Agile on the Beach

Agile on the Beach

Best Agile Conferences in 2016 by Polontech

It is even better than it sounds! It is an annual two-day business and technology conference hosting local, national and international speakers and delegates to the Cornish coast, with a fantastic beach party on Thursday evening.  The major topics of the conference are Agile Software, Agile Business, Agile Teams and Product Management. The conference provides opportunities to evoke creative and technical thinking, enjoy time with the UK’s leading thinkers in agile adoption and evolution as well as opportunities for networking.  Agile on the Beach 2016 will be held on 1-2 of September at the Performance Centre at Tremough Campus in Penryn, Cornwall.

5.  ACE! Conference

ACE! Conference 2016

Best Agile Conferences in 2016 by Polontech

ACE! conference will take place for the 7th time and gather people mostly from Central Europe. In 2016 it is going to be even more interesting as it combines two one-track conferences in one: Building Software Better (agile, lean, Scrum, Kanban etc.) and Building Product Better (Lean Startup, Lean UX, Design Thinking, and Customer Development topics). It will take place in Krakow, Poland on 14-15 of April 2016.

6. Agilia

Agilia 2016

Best Agile Conferences in 2016 by Polontech

This conference takes place in Central Europe and gathers agile professionals from all over the world. The main topic of the conference in 2016 is “Agile and Lean Innovation”. Among many reasons why you should take time and visit this conference are the following: the content of the speeches is unique, among the speakers are well-known authors of the books and articles on agile topic, all success stories are verified so there’s no chance of misleading the audience, only proven methods are recommended for implementation.  If you want to know more, attend the conference on 04-08.4. 2016 in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

7  Agile Practitioners 2016

Agile Practitioners 2016

Best Agile Conferences in 2016 by Polontech

For the 5th year in a row, the organizers have done their best to attract some significant speakers to share their experience during this conference. This year the headliners are Olaf Lewitz and Melissa Perri. The main theme in 2016 is “Hands-On Agility”. It lasts only for two days but the organizers have managed to balance the theoretical stuff with quite a number of workshops to learn from experience. And of course, the best part is sharing your ideas with the international community of agile professionals. If you are interested, the conference is going to take place in Tel Aviv, 26-27 January 2016

8.  Agile Prague Conference

Agile Prague Conference 2016

Best Agile Conferences in 2016 by Polontech

There’s still not much information about the conference in 2016, so we are waiting for the updates. Though based on the last year experience, you can expect two-days conference with prominent speakers and workshops. The event will take place on 12-13 of September, 2016 in Prague.

9.  Agile Eastern Europe Conference 

Agile Eastern Europe Conference 2016

Best Agile Conferences in 2016 by Polontech

This conference is by far the largest event of this kind held in Eastern Europe and it takes place for the 7th time this year. It will gather a lot of speakers from all over the world, well-known industry professionals from U.S., Canada and Western Europe. It covers the following topics: engineering, coaching, enterprise, offshore and management. The conference will be held in Kiev, on 8-9 of April. 

10.  Lean and Agile ME Summit 2016

Lean and Agile ME Summit 2016

Best Agile Conferences in 2016 by Polontech

The conference is organized in several parallel tracks and the attendees are expected to widen the range of their knowledge about Agile approaches ad techniques used for product and team management, and gain experience in their practical implementation. The participants will be offered insight why agile methodology is the leading one and why it is used to exchange ideas and experiences among IT professionals.  Visit Lean and Agile ME Summit on March, 19, 2016 in Dubai, UAE

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