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Top 10 Agile Conferences of 2017 In Europe

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Aleks Yenin
Posted by Aleks Yenin
January 18, 2017
 This year we decided to concentrate on European conferences as we find transatlantic flights way too tiring sometimes, though at times the events totally worth it.
To rank the conferences we used the following metrics:
– Speeches lineups, keynotes, speakers themselves
– Twitter activity – how the conference promoted itself before and during the event, what was the followers engagement
– Site description – UX/UI of the site (yes, it’s important – Agile is about IT teams in the first place and the Internet is our home. Make your space attractive and then invite guests – don’t you think?). We also wanted to propose international events, that is why it mattered whether the content was primary in English.

– Reviews of former speakers, attendants on social media etc.

We’ve set the events in chronological order and the number from 1 to 10 indicate their importance (in our humble opinion).

Top Conf Linz (10)

Where: Linz, Austria
When: February 28 – March 2

Topconf Linz is an international software conference interesting for Developers, Product owners &  managers, Architects, Project Managers, Methods and Process Experts. Quite well-known authors, experts, and practitioners across various areas of software development are going to be speaking at the event.

Join if you want to know about the innovation occurring in the Java, Mobile,.Net, OpenSource, Lean/Agile, Project Management, Architecture, New Languages & Process communities.

QCon London (3)

Where:  London, UK
When:  March 6-10

With lots of positive reviews from last year of the conference, loyal twitter audience, and an impressive lineup this is a very exciting event for developers, managers, operation teams, PMs and C-level folks. The peers from such places like Uber, Twitter and Google are going to cover a lot of topics across IT (including the approaches and frameworks) in 18 editorial tracks during three days of the conference.

Agilia 2017

Where: Olomouc, CzeckRepublic
When: March 28-29

We already mentioned this conference last year. Since then it has managed to grow its audience, attract real world-changers as keynote speakers and improve on organizational levels according to the review of the last year attendants. This year the topic evolves around Agile management and attracts the managers in development, operations, HR from all around the world. The conference looks more like a series of mini workshops and case studies rather than boring long speeches. We especially appreciate the content of agile methodology for non-development teams as that’s what we incorporate for many of our clients.

Where: London, UK
When: April 27

The summit focuses predominantly on one topic: how microservices and dockers can support new architecture necessary for DevOps implementation. The old way of doing things in terms of architecture just slows down the speed of delivery initiated by DevOps approach, that is why the global minds will gather together and change how organizations function on that end to optimize the processes even more. Sounds exciting, right?

Atlassian Summit Europe is among the best agile conferences of 2017 in Europe

Atlassian Summit Europe 2017 (1)

Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: May 2-5
Yes, we biased, but guess what – we don’t ashamed of it because the event promises to be superb! It’s all about putting the best agile frameworks such as Lean, Scrum, DevOps, ITIL into practice. Moreover, it’s the first ever summit in Europe and from what we heard it’s going to be EPIC! The tools are great, the speakers are even better, the location is marvelous – who wouldn’t like Barcelona in May? We are going, are you joining us this year?

This event is great for both people who are already hooked by Atlassian tools and can’t imagine a working day without JIRA and teams that are just striving to succeed (that makes you and us). Hurry up while early bird passes are still available!

Where: Krakow, Poland
When: May 11-12

The 7th annual Ace conference will take place in Krakow, Poland and will traditionally focus on two subjects-tracks: “Building software better” and ” Building better products”. This Agile conference is the largest in Central Europe and even this fact only should attract the visitors interested in Lean, Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. This conference is also the one where you can bring your whole team as there’s some content for testing engineers, UX designers, operations team, and event marketers.

ACE Conference 2017

Where: London, UK
When: May 17-19

The conference is all about embracing new techniques and approaches and staying flexible to stay successful. No matter which best practice or a combination of them you utilize, the importance of CSI is not under question. The organizers pledge to uncover all the potential risks and obstacles on the way to continuous improvement and contemplate on how we can overcome them. High-class consultants are going to dive in into DevOps and Agile success metrics that are essential to Continuous Delivery.

SITS 2017 (2)

Where:  London, UK
When: June 7-8
Even the most conservative ITSM theoreticians admit that their framework benefits from implementing Agile approach. This event hosts world changes in DevOps, Lean and Agile.  Service desk show will show you the way to customer service perfection, teach how to fight the threats internally and externally in your organization.

BTW, the blog of the conference is currently up and running, where the opinion leaders share their experience and break-throughs (keeping the best for the conference, of course).

When: September 28-30
Where: Churchill College, Cambridge, United Kingdom
For the 8th time, this small conference will gather real practitioners of Agile movement who will learn from the peers and from the leaders of the industry. The conference focuses on hands-on experience and attracts Agile-minded folks and decision-makers who want to support their success with agile and lean methods. If you decide to come you are promised three days of inspiring keynotes from the practitioners working on the front line of the IT industry.

Where: Potsdam, Germany
When: November 13-17
Being one of the most mature events on the list, the conference is going to take place for the 5th time a row in Potsdam, Germany. Though it is mainly addressed to testing professionals that operate in Agile mode, in the days when we try to integrate all of the parts of our team, Project Mangers and Product Owners could surely find this even interesting enough to visit. Plus, former visitors promise a lot fun at the conference and during the aterparty celebration.

It looks like we’ll be spending a hell of a lot of time in UK and Poland this year. If you know some good places in the UK that we probably haven’t heard of – please, share. If you’d like tips or even company to get around Poland – again, drop us a line. If you have any questions left about the methodologies, if you know some other great event or doubt if it’s going to be fun – you know what to do:)

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