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Test Case Management Add-On for JIRA

Aleks Yenin

Among all them, Go2Group synapseRT is the tool that has all the test management features but the primary focus is on requirement based testing.

Go2Group synapseRT can be used for projects where it makes more sense to track your progress in terms of completion and/or success-failure of a certain requirement as opposed to test cases. Traceability is of higher priority with this add-on.

synapseRT helps to do requirements and test management. It has test suites, test plan panels and a test management dashboard that is used for project traceability. A test coverage matrix and burn down charts help to provide the test management solution for your testing process.

Plugin gives possibility:

  • to have a linking of bugs and requirements to a test cases;
  • to establish parent-child relations between requirements and test cases;
  • to import projects from other systems;
  • to have an automatic and manual test case assignment;
  • to have Test Cases assigned to multiple Test Suites;
  • to review the linked Test Cases open synapseRT Test Case Planning dashboard;
  • to have subtasks and subtests for manual testing.

There is one interesting feature – Subtests for Test Plans – synapseRT creates Subtest for the Test Case and assigns the Subtest in place of the Test Case. This feature is used for parallel testing of the same set of Test Cases (i.e. testing in different environments).

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