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Polontech Friday News: 3 new contracts signed just in 1 week :)

Maria Dorogokupez

We’re really happy with the fact that our constant flow of clients is growing. More and more customers trust us significant technical changes in their business environment.

We had the past week really intense and productive, and as a result signed three new contracts. Now we’re excited to consult them of Atlassian tools, Agile and ITIL frameworks . Here’s a brief summary of those new companies we’re glad to work with:



It’s a huge financial tech company, the main office is situated in Singapore, and the other offices are in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines, gathering together almost all technology developed Asian countries nowadays.

Having thousands of clients, the company develops brand new financial tools for real people, bringing them the latest financial solutions.



This company has been providing its services for already 25 years, and its offices are situated both in the USA and Poland. Their software is reliable for many video service providers, and SeaChange successfully accelerated the revenue of 200+ customers.



The main offices of Protegrity are located in the USA, as well as the United Kingdom, Sweden, India, Singapore, Australia, and also many regional locations in Europe.

It’s a data security company that has developed unique innovative platform, and with it’s help all the data safe, whenever it’s in the cloud, database or in a mobile device, will be safe.

We’re absolutely glad and proud that such companies which differ in location and size trust us the improvement of their business processes and their way of working.

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