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Overview of Our Clients and Projects in 2016: info graphics

Aleks Yenin

We’ve decided to choose the path of radical transparency and share with you some of the company’s statistics in the course of 2016.

This was a very exciting year for the whole team when we had different kinds of projects varying in time and complexity. We would like to take a chance here and thank all of our clients for the amazing challenges they presented us. Basically, we’ve exported our CRM files and analyzed them all. This is what we had as a result.

78 Projects In 2016

Industries: High Tech, Design, Retail, etc.

Size of the companies of our clients

Number and description of projects

We’ve had projects that required a lot of different specialists and skills at once. For example, we often do Atlassian Implementation and Audit based on the practices that the company emloys or planning to employ which brings us to ITIL /ITSM, Agile or DevOps Consulting.

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