Our Most Favourite JIRA Add-Ons of 2016

Dec 29, 2016
Aleks Yenin

Posted by Aleks Yenin

At the end of the year, we gather our team not only for usual audits and retrospectives but also to share the opinions and views about what’s best on the market and how we can help our clients even more. So here you have the result of such a meeting – an overview of our favourite add-ons of 2016.

We made our picks on the following basis:
– The add-on should be relatively new (we don’t want to bore you with old news like Tempo Timesheets)
– It has great new or unexpected features

– The add-on helps to solve real-life business problems and has a real impact

Smart bot for Atlassian JIRA

Stratejos – smart assistant for teams

Cloud & Server
Team: Stratejos

We would recommend installing this plugin just because you have to give your admins & PMs some slack. They’ve been working hard all 2016 which was a tough year for all of us. But with stratejos things are now a bit easier to manage. You can access real-time data about your project, so that not to exceed time or budget limits. It is also much easier to follow best practices and calculate risks as this amazing add-on does this automatically. The plugin will asses the risks and warns you of your project is going down. The bot will also help to fix problems, he will follow up when the issue is closed and make things right. Isn’t that just every JIRA admin New Year’s wish?

Easy Agile Roads for JIRA

Easy Agile Roadmaps for JIRA

Cloud & Server
Team: Arijea

It would be enough to say that this add-on was the winner of this year Atlassian Codegeist. However, we will do mention its great features. The roadmaps are as essential in agile product release planning as a kanban board. This add-on makes roadmap planning as easy as it could be with drag ad drop options, special markers for deadlines or stakeholders meetings. The estimations can be much more precise as you can see the availability of our team. Managers can track progress and keep the stakeholders up to date with the exact information about one or multiple projects.

Emails This Issue

Email This Issue for JIRA

Cloud & Server

And no, it’s not just because we’ve got hooked up on their explanation video, the add-on itself is pretty useful if you need to constantly get updates to your customer through email. What is particularly interesting, you can reach out even to external non-JIRA users. You can customize email templates to make them customer-friendly, include the issue itself and the comments. You can send automatic notifications to your customers in some or all of the issue events, you can even send emails just right from workflow transitions with “email this issue” button.

Table Grid Editor for JIRA

Table Grid Editor for JIRA

Team: IDalko

If you are a fan of tables and excel spreadsheets, this is a tool for you. It widely extends JIRA functionality by introducing such features as the ability to track milestones and releases, following up on your sales opportunities by integrating with your CRM. You can customize the columns, search the information you need by using standard filters and so much more.

Calendar for JIRA

Calendar for JIRA

Cloud & Server
Team: Teamlead
Teamlead introduces a great calendar that is so much fun to use. Now you can stay on track with your meetings, tasks, and projects and see if your team is busy to help you. You can plan your time accordingly and never miss a thing. There are a number of calendars available on Atlassian marketplace, but this one cought our attention because of its UX/UI characteristics. What attracts us most is how this tool can be easily used by all kinds of teams in all kinds of services.
Hope you will like these add-ons as much as we do. Treat your team with a New Year’s gift and buy a new plugin that could help every member do their job better. If you have any questions – drop us a line, as we’ve not only worked with all the plugins, we’ve extended some of them (yes, we can extend the extensions). Or even better – tell us about your favourite plugins.

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