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Must Have JIRA Plugins for Product Companies

Aleks Yenin

Most of our clients who needed Atlassian support required not only a set of specific custom business automation tools but also tools that had already been developed by talented Atlassian product specialists. For this purpose we’ve gathered some highly recommended extensions for JIRA that are must-have for every product company or startup:


JIRA Service Desk

Simple explanation – it’s the most valuable Atlassian extension because it’s an extra instrument to give your clients the most qualified support.

It has been launched last year and by now it has become the most popular add-on for JIRA.


Salesforce plugin

This add-on supports Salesforce, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Moreover, you may find a great amount of extensions that work with your specific CRM system. The only rule is to avoid any existing instrument from our business automation system.


JIRA Warehouse Automate

This extension was specifically developed to provide maximum customization capability of your workflow. Full customization allows you to specify any item, financial report and much more.

JIRA SMS Senderjira-sms-sender

Jira SMS Sender is a unique plugin that allows you to send info of your project updates to different users using international Bulk SMS service. It allows your project managers, developers, business analytics and managers to save their time and always keep track of the latest updates on current projects.


JIRA + Confluence

Confluence is a must have tool for collaboration with your team and it’s not an extension, but a valuable integration for business growth. It helps you store your already existing documentation and creates new: product requirements, file lists or project plans. Confluence pages allow you to provide internal team conversations, and it’s also a great way to create FAQ services for your team and allows for more convenient work with JIRA Service Desk.

This was our top 5 list of JIRA extensions. We will be happy to provide more info, feel free to contact us and book our JIRA Expert for a free consultation!



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