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Latest Trends in ITSM Solutions

Aleks Yenin

ITSM is what on the mind of every second person in IT community, following the best practices and striving for perfection – that resolution is on the top-priority list of many IT professionals.

1) Automation. For IT environment when we say automation we mean continuous integration so that to make code ready to be deployed into the environment. Basically, we automate not only routine stuff but also repetitive tasks to make the work process more efficient. Advantages are obvious: reducing the possibility of error and having more time to do really significant work.
2) Big data & analytics primarily means the use of specific models for managing big data units for infrastructure applications. The findings of analytics can lead to unexpected and great results. Big organizations can harness their data and reduce their costs by eliminating unnecessary and concentrating on the most efficient ways to do business.  By creating new methods to deal with big data we can make important decisions faster and track the development of current projects.
3) DevOps will be among best practices, is going to be well understood and established. Had a real breakthrough in 2015 and started spreading in IT community.  It has been always clear that collaboration is the key to success. In this particular case, the collaboration between a development team and an operation team turned out to be a game changer for the whole tech world.
4) Cloud brokerage & software identified enterprise. Cloud infrastructure due to it’s development has become quite complex, so special cloud brokerage software has been created to assist in migrating to the clouds and moving solutions between them. As for software enterprise – it has also become one of the major trends in 2015 and continues to grow. It has become top priority for the biggest players to focus on the value of their product and, therefore, it requires to run the business smarter by maximizing resources, people and time. 
5) Agile / Scrum. These are one of the most widely used methodologies that are very popular among IT profs. They presuppose releasing features continuously and not preparing one bug release hoping that it will eventually pay off all those frustrating months or even years. With Atlassian tools being agile & highly customizable & thousands of plugins, it becomes even easier and suitable for each and every team.
6) Lean ITThe core principle of Lean IT is identifying and eliminating waste. It has many interceptions with other major trends as eliminating wastes sometimes also includes automation etc.  Management in Lean IT is supposed to facilitate the processes, all the employees should be involved in continuous improvement which is reached by constant iterations and research.
7) Knowledge Base has become very manageable especially with Confluence – one of the most popular Atlassian tools. Almost each company faces the necessity to have a knowledge base built in their site as it can provide more information to its users in the time and the way that suits them the most. There is also the need to assess knowledge to make sure that information available to users is consistently of high quality.
8) Cyber Security. That is what all IT is concerned with – securing data of their business and the users. Because of the rise of the cloud services,  it has become even more difficult to watch and control data security. The vulnerabilities of certain software become of common knowledge very quickly which also makes the guys from IT security department work harder.
 If you’d like consult with our team on any of the practices mentioned above, just get in touch! We’ll appreciate any feedback as well.
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