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“Knowledge Management. Scopes and Practices” Expert Session – Impressions and Emotions

Maria Dorogokupez

On October 10-12 in Moscow was held an expert session “Knowledge Management. Scopes and Practices” within the major forum“ Digital Business Transformation and Economy of Knowledge”. The IT sector of the Russian Federation economy has been developing quite dynamically last couple of years. The fact that such large events are being dedicated to digital transformation and, moreover, gather such a large number of experts and practitioners from all over the country indicates how important of this aspect is considered for any industry.This is why we were glad to take part in the forum as speakers and exchange knowledge with our Russian colleagues.

Our report was in the section “Knowledge Management in the Production Sphere”, so we didn’t only present it, but also managed to attend many outstanding presentations in our section and others. Our team was especially impressed by the speech from Rosatom State Corporation representative Vladimir Leshtchenko. He described the experience of building a social network in a large state-owned enterprise that works with such a strategically important resource as nuclear energy. What impressed us was that Rosatom has developed not a social network, but an expert multifunctional platform that allows to communicate within the organization, exchange expert opinions and share research and development work within community. This tool also allows managers to organize remote work, find people with specific skills for a project and generally optimize business processes. At the same time this system conforms with the aspects information and content security.

In addition, Egor Abramov, a specialist of the company “APLANA”, gave a very informative speech on how their experts designed a knowledge management system that manages production processes for Transneft. It was a large-scale and complicated project (for example, experts used 800.000 km of wires to install the system), that involved extensive ITSM and ITIL expertise.

Photo from Egor Abramov’s Facebook

Another noteworthy speech gave Ekaterina Skrypnik, General Director of the Business Information Technologies Group of Companies and one of the forum managers. She described the predictive support systems and how to incorporate control and protection systems in them, as well as the limitations of such system. This speech initiated a heated debate whether the future is close or already here? 🙂

A still Ekaterina Skrypnik’s video-invitation to the forum

We also want to thank Valinurov Ilgiz, a well-known HR-specialist and founder of the Business Recruitment Agencies Corporation for an informative report on the topic “The New Role of HR in the Digital Economy” and for presenting us his new autographed book which we are sure, contains loads of relevant information.


In general, we were impressed by the event, its scale, high level of organization and the value of knowledge presented. We express our gratitude to the organizers for the high level of, in fact, one-of-the-kind event dedicated to knowledge management, and to the participants for their expert opinions, relevant cases and lively discussion. We believe that knowledge management is the base for every corporate process effectivity, and we hope that Russia will continue to develop in this direction and become an authority in the field of digital transformation.

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