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What is Knowledge Management in ITSM

Maria Dorogokupez

I shall start not with knowledge management itself, but with a knowledge base, because in order to manage data you should, obviously, first collect it and develop it into a manageable shape. So, a knowledge base is a body of knowledge that contains important and relevant for a certain company information. Data can come from any source possible: from letters to whitepapers, memos to instructions and even answers to frequently asked questions. What’s most important is that this knowledge should be organized and stored in such a way that team members can easily navigate in it.

You may say that compared to the Great and the Terrible Internet a knowledge base is a tiny nothing. You might want to think twice, since knowledge base has such invaluable advantage as cutting the team from all the abstract, unverified and irrelevant information. Moreover, through a knowledge base the staff can share their expertise with each other, so that if someone is absent, the work process won’t come to a dead-end. Imagine a common situation when someone needs to reset a password. Having a knowledge base, he only needs to type “password” into a knowledge base search bar and find the solution instead of bothering a sysadmin.

This way we approached the very notion of knowledge management – the process of producing, using and sharing knowledge across a whole company through a knowledge base. Recently Agile-oriented workflow knowledge management have become an integral ITSM practice. Yet what an effective knowledge management system should be? What functionality should it have in order to leverage maximum benefit? Polontech experts believe, a user should be able to:

  • store and share any type of content – from text to multimedia
  • leave feedback directly at the piece of data
  • work in one system without switching
  • track versions of documents and be able to restore any of them
  • set granular permissions that’ll protect important data
  • scale the system to any number of contributors

If you feel the need for introducing an knowledge management system into your workflow, Polontech recommends you Confluence collaboration software from Atlassian. Turn to us to learn what advantages this tool has to offer you. Tell us what you need from it – and we’ll happily configure it in accordance with your needs!

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