Kanban: total guide

Sep 16, 2019
Alex Kisliak

Posted by Alex Kisliak

Kanban now is one of the most popular agile frameworks that are wide-spread among IT teams, but is it possible to implement it into another sphere of business? We’d like to share with you some thoughts about it.

If you need the work to be done great, it can’t be so without a thought-out strategy, and Kanban is here to help you with it. If you dive in the history of Kanban, you’ll learn that it appeared more than 60 years ago, and this methodology is based on 4 main points that are still relevant: 

  • Start with the existing process
  • Agree to pursue incremental changes
  • Respect all the current processes, roles, and responsibilities
  • Encourage acts of leadership at all levels

In Kanban, there are no artifacts, predefined roles and events, as it is in Scrum. But these 6 core Kanban practices are supposed to help you manage all processes:

  • Visualize all working processes
  • WIP Limit
  • Manage Flow
  • Make Process Explicit
  • Implement Feedback Loops
  • Improve Collaboratively, Evolve Experimentally (using models & the scientific method)

Why Kanban can brighten your workflow?

Easy to start

The concept of Kanban won’t take much effort from your side, so you don’t have to install any serious and expensive software. Use simple tools like Trello, or draw the columns on the whiteboard or put the sticky notes right on the wall. Remember that you should start with the project you already have and finish it, encouraging gradual changes.

Limited tasks

Another advantage of Kanban is the Limit of Work in Progress. Set 3 tasks max in every column, and by this, you’ll get more chances to finish the work without delay and won’t get distracted on several projects at a time. .

Encouraged team

Inspire every team member to demonstrate his leadership skills and take decisions. By that, you’ll manage to advance the company culture and respect everyone’s opinion.

Emphasizing all these good points, with Kanban you’ll concentrate on products of high quality, and that’s your key to success!

Still, it may be hard for the team to face the changes. According to the Kanban methodology, every team member is supposed to make decisions without previous approval, as the leadership is encouraged at all levels. The corporate Kanban training sessions can help to cope with that. 

Kanban has no limits

Due to simple implementation, you can use Kanban in every sphere of business, and even in everyday life projects, like house repairing or book writing. The framework is flexible in use, so everyone could learn something new, adapting it to the personal needs. 

Still, if you have troubles with it and want everything to be done perfectly, turn to the Polontech experts. We provide agile training sessions and consulting services.

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