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JIRA Warehouse Automate Plugin Update 0.2.0

Aleks Yenin

We are glad to announce release of a new version of our JIRA Warehouse Automate Plugin!

JIRA Warehouse Automate Plugin serves for warehouse automation, tracking of funds and goods based on JIRA and binding warehouse elements to JIRA issue.

Our JIRA plugin makes the management of your warehouse much easier through automation of the whole life cycle of a warehouse unit within the issue:order – send – receive and lock – use. Information can be entered in shortest time, right from the scanner into the system. JIRA Warehouse Automate Plugin also offers a good security access system as well as possibility to create various reports on operational management of a warehouse and analytic reports on warehouse unit items in general, their transactions, condition and other.

Version 0.2.0 has the following new features and possibilities:

  • is supported by JIRA 6 till latest version
  • users are able to add other languages

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