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JIRA Usage by Governmental Organisations

Aleks Yenin

Being one of the most popular bug tracking tools nowadays (we explained the reasons for that in our previous post) JIRA is used by more than 35 thousand organizations worldwide – and we only counted enterprise software, tens of thousands more have Starter and other kinds of licenses.

Some of these organizations are governmental agencies that usually have quite complicated IT infrastructure, thus presenting more challenges for new software integration and implementation. JIRA, however, has a successful track record of being used by governmental organizations, mainly due to being multifunctional, reliable and easily customizable for different processes and workflows.


One of the well-known cases of successful JIRA usage is NASA.

Development of software for NASA space missions is carried out by a team of developers situated in different locations: Pasadena, Silicon Valley and Houston, who have to deal with such challenges as mission planning, analyzing data sent from space etc. In order to enable effective collaboration of all members of this distributed team and help them stay on the same page with projects and requirements, the organization started using JIRA, as well some other Atlassian products like Confluence, FishEye, Bamboo, and, according to representatives of NASA, these tools have been very successful in organizing the collaboration process.


Another great example of using JIRA in a governmental organization is Met Office, UK’s national weather service. The office has implemented JIRA in order to allow employees working remotely to be able to view both the work backlog and current work very from the dashboard, thus organizing their common work and managing projects more effectively. It helps to control access rights to the projects, too.


JIRA is also widely used by Australian government, which is not surprising as Atlassian is one of the most popular Australian companies in the world. The government uses JIRA as the main tool for its initiative Govdex designed to facilitate collaboration across governmental agencies, businesses and administrative bodies. JIRA is also used in the National Library of Australia, Roads and Traffic Authority and other governmental bodies.


Apart from the above examples, there are other cases of JIRA usage by governmental bodies. The US Army has deployed JIRA Service Desk plugin for supporting its large-scale help desk, JIRA is also used by Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Deutsche Post IT Solutions in Germany, National Police Computing and Material Service in Norway and many more.

These are just some of the many examples of how JIRA can be used by governments for bug tracking, help desk, project management and collaboration purposes. In fact, there are a lot more of them as JIRA is used by governmental organizations all over the world.



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