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JIRA plugin for quick issue creation

Aleks Yenin

Meet our new add-on plugin “Focus on Issue Right After Creation” for JIRA Server. It’s just a great plugin for quick issue creation. This plugin makes reporting an issue fast and easy. It ensures no redirection and saves your time.

Jira add ons extend basic Jira functionality. We’ve just realized a new free Jira plugin

Jira add on development


It’s just a great plugin!  When you create a new issue it will immediately go to the issue’s full-page view so that you can immediately begin to work with it.


It’s just a quick plugin! It ensures no redirection and saves your time. While creating a new issue, you save 30 seconds, 100 issues – 50 minutes a day or 25 hours per month.


It’s just a simple plugin! It features a convenient popup for fast issue creation. This plugin makes reporting an issue quick and easy.

To create this free Jira plugin we used technologies

The Atlassian SDK

This Atlassian plugin software developer helps to create a “skeleton” of the plugin. With the help of one command you can create all necessary files for the plugin.


Due to JavaScript only one file can be created with the extension .js. After the plugin’s installation in JIRA this file will be exported and executed in your browser.


It’s a utility for jar archives creation and a part of the Atlassian SDK as well. Indeed, jar archive is the very plugin, which is then installed in the JIRA and loaded onto the marketplace.

We really hope you will like our new plugin as it can save around 5 secs each time you create an issue and want to work on it 🙂

If you want to contribute on this project, you are more than welcome.

If you want to get yourself a custom plugin developed by a team of Polontech professionals, contact us!

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